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Title Month
Tough Road May 1998
Signs and Wonders June 1998
Bread and Water July 1998
The Assignment August 1998
The Beam September 1998
Two of a Kind October 1998
Fishers of Men November 1998
A Foolish Man January 1999
Once Blind February 1999
Non-Prophet Organization March 1999
Sleeping Quarters April 1999
Tithing or Non-Tithing? June 1999
The Mediocre Samaritan August 1999
The Unprofitable Servant September 1999
Structural Flaws November 1999
Moving Mountains January 2000
Important Commandment February 2000

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Please note: The cartoons listed above have been used with permission from Reverend Fun. We have selected a few of them which we believe do not mock the Gospel of Jesus Christ and have included Scriptural application for a believer's edification. Unfortunately, we have found that other cartoons by this artist have crossed the line and therefore are no laughing matter.

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