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Man with Pencil Woman with Pencil

 "Hello, I just wanted to write and tell you
 I enjoy browsing your site. I found it by
 just searching for sites that had pictures
 of Jesus. I especially love the work of
 Simon Dewey. To me, his work is like a
 photo; so realistic looking. Thank you for
 having your site."

Cindy Dowdy  Pencil 

 "This is my first visit to your website. I am
 very impressed and will visit again. Thank
 you for offering a site and product for
 Christians (and those that we pray will
 become Christians). God bless and Merry

Wayne Koonce  Pencil 

 "I am so happy to have found your site!
 I am going to refer you to others. Thanks!"

Doreen McConnaughy  Pencil 

 "I have just discovered your site and have
 had a good browse — it is absolutely
 wonderful! I'm already familiar with Thomas
 Kinkade's work but Oh! You have so many
 beautiful pieces of work! Unfortunately the
 US prices plus postage for the prints to
 Queensland, Australia are really a bit
 expensive for me. You have a truly lovely
 site — I've put it in my 'favourites' for
 future browsing! Best wishes!"

Kerrie Waipapa  Pencil 

 "Your site is really beautiful. God bless you."

Ana L. Cuervo  Pencil 

 "Was a pleasant surprise to see your web
 site on a search of Tom duBois. It is also
 nice to see your very reasonable prices.
 Look forward to stopping by next time
 down your way!"

Craig Dougherty  Pencil 

 "Amazing site! I will pass this along to my

Anita Glaab  Pencil 

 "I enjoy your web site, testimonials, and
 Christian art with a passion for Christ! May
 God richly bless each and every one. You
 are in my prayers!"

Phyllis Patton  Pencil 

 "I find it quite refreshing to find a Christian
 website. Praise the Lord!"

Gary Roberts  Pencil 

 "Your Christ-Centered site is inspiring, and
 so uplifting. I visited all the represented
 artists. Beautiful depictions of our Lord
 Jesus Christ in exciting new images! My
 favorite is Jesus stilling the water; tears
 come to my eyes each time I revisit this
 miraculous painting. May God bless and
 continue to guide you in all you create
 and do!"

Denise C. Casson  Pencil 

 "You can never know how pleased I am to
 locate you. I have looked for a print I found
 on this site for 13 years."

Nellie Strange  Pencil 

 "Praise GOD! What a wonderful si(gh)te!
 Having just spent the last two hours
 viewing the beautiful and diverse artwork
 herein, I wonder how anyone could ever
 doubt HIM, who is the Source and
 Inspiration. May God heap everlasting
 blessings overall. In the name of Our Lord
 and Saviour Jesus Christ. Give thanks."

Annette Flowers  Pencil 

 "I love your paintings! I purchased 'Streams
 of Living Waters' by Thomas Kinkade at a
 gallery showing your art here in Mentor,

Sandra Pucillo  Pencil 

 "I have recently discovered this site, and I
 feel glad because I'm finding all that I need.
 The images are beautiful!! Thank you very

Nieves  Pencil 

 "I would like Olsen to do some art on Christ
 on Calvary; Olsen has the best art around."

Dan Adkins  Pencil 

 "Hi! I just want to let you know that you
 have a very interesting and informative
 site. Keep up the good work!"

Esther  Pencil 

 "A wonderful site. Bless you!"

Chaz and Donnie Brand  Pencil 

 "Finally! I found what I have been looking
 for. This web site has GREAT art."

Ana Hiraldo  Pencil 

 "Just love your site and love the prints."

Debbie DeVault  Pencil 

 "Contemporary Christian Art is so important
 in today's society."

Jack W. Miller  Pencil 

 "I have a positive feeling that God is with all
 of us this very moment!"

Curtis Morry  Pencil 

 "I really enjoy your site. I will definitely
 tell others about it."

Lisa Campion  Pencil 

 "Congratulations! I have visited your web
 site and found it to be worthy of our
 Hawk Award."

Tom Duda - High Density Computing  Pencil 

 "Congratulations! Your site referenced
 in the subject has won The Family Corner
 Safe Surf Award!"

Jeanine Haenel - The Family Corner  Pencil 

 "Congratulations! Your web site has won
 the Wishing Well Web Page Excellence
 Award! Not all sites are deemed worthy of
 this prestigious award. It is presented only
 to those who have created a site that
 contains enjoyable content, is pleasant to
 view, and is 'family safe.' Nice job! You are
 to be commended for your all your hard
 work. Again, congratulations on being a

Mary Lou White - Wishing Well Web  Pencil 

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