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Man with Pencil Woman with Pencil

 "My only drawback is that when I get on
 your site, I stay for HOURS! I want to see
 everything! It is wonderful! I have told
 sooooo many of my Christian friends about
 it. Thank you for being here for us!"

Dawn R. Mardis  Pencil 

 "Great site! I almost wish there were less
 to choose from so that it was easier to
 decide on a print! Thanks!"

Kathy Campbell  Pencil 

 "We received the piece yesterday. It looks
 awesome! Thank you for your help."

Chris Behrens  Pencil 

 "Thanks for taking care of my order. If you
 expand your catalog I hope to be doing alot
 more business with you."

Candis Gurn  Pencil 

 "Love your site. Fantastic! I have loved
 your work since the very first time I set
 eyes on it. Thank you for following the
 promptings and inspiring others."

Janice K. Tasker  Pencil 

 "Praise the Lord! Great site! Love to see
 beautiful artwork to the glory of God! This
 is my version of "The Return" when the
 Lord returns as the Lion of Judah."

Mark Edward Dodson  Pencil 

 "I enjoy your website and have added it to
 my 'favorites' at both home and work, so I
 will certainly visit again."

Nancy Chamberlain  Pencil 

 "Love the site!"

Charles A. Burnette  Pencil 

 "I have enjoyed viewing your website. The
 artwork displayed by the different Christian
 artists is breathtaking! How gifted they are.
 I was especially delighted to learn that a
 fellow classmate from my childhood days
 (Michael Dudash) is now a believer and has
 used his extreme talent to honor the Lord."

Patty Carlson McIlvaine  Pencil 

 "This is a very cool website."

Christie Jones  Pencil 

 "My copy of 'The Promise' by Tom duBois is
 now framed and hanging in my dining room.
 Thank you again for getting it to me."

Kenny Chumbley  Pencil 

 "The prints arrived. I really like them.
 Thank you."

Jane Kelley  Pencil 

 "I think you have designed a fantastic site
 and that you will be successful with this
 (God willing)."

Janene Lain  Pencil 

 "Praise the Lord for the wonderful gift he
 has blessed all of your artists with. These
 paintings I have seen on your website are
 absolutely beautiful and right from the soul.
 Thank you for sharing this gift with us to

Christine Snyder  Pencil 

 "Got the print. Love it. Thanks for your

Teresa Werner  Pencil 

 "Greg Olsen's work has been such an
 inspiration to me. He is the only artist
 (that I am presently aware of) who depicts
 Jesus as I would imagine him: joyful,
 peaceful and with a warm welcoming

Judy Stirring  Pencil 

 "Thomas Kinkade, I don't care what
 everybody says. I love your art."

Rita Logan  Pencil 

 "I have so enjoyed and loved your website.
 As a Christian, it is so refreshing to see
 such a re-splendent web-site. Your website
 is such a joy and a blessing. It is a
 refreshing venue for me to view and to
 know that there are other artists in
 America who appreciate fine art."

Diane Burns  Pencil 

 "What a site! Heavenly art to me. God bless
 you all!"

Ben Smit  Pencil 

 "Formerly, I worked in a retail Christian
 store. I must say that of all the artists
 work that I would sell (including Thomas
 Kinkade) my most favorite art is that of
 Greg Olsen. The wonderment that he brings
 to the life of Christ is first and at the
 forefront of witnessing to ANY person. His
 work brings the gospel to life! May the Holy
 Spirit provide you with inspiration of the
 Son of God and the witnessing thereof!"

A. Hoskins  Pencil 

 "May God continue to bless the works of all
 of your hands, I love the realism that is in
 the artwork of Jesus and the others. It's
 wonderful to see that God has restored our
 artists for this world in these times. What a
 wonderful divine gifts the artists have. God
 be praise and glorified by your work. Thank
 you for letting the Spirit flow through all of
 you! I hope to see some more pictures of
 the mother of Jesus and more pictures of
 Jesus, I love them so much. A wonderful

Tiffany Shoop  Pencil 

 "I have always been a fan of Ron DiCianni's
 gift in portraying the heart of God in his
 paintings. I pray a double blessing for his
 servant heart and for those of you who
 continue to make his and other works for
 the Lord available."

Debbie Strandberg  Pencil 

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