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Man with Pencil Woman with Pencil

 "I have to reply and say I'm flabbergasted.
 I've never been treated so fairly. There
 are truly sincere, honest people out there.
 I will recommend your website to any and
 all who come to my home and see this
 wonderful print, and want to know where
 I got it. Thank you so much!

Sandy McKee  Pencil 

 "Hello David and Shari. Thank you to Shari
 who did an amazing wrapping job; the print
 looks to be in great form. Thank you to
 David for suggesting I purchase from a
 gallery rather then a private sale. As a
 result of our conversation, I doubt I would
 ever think of buying privately again. I was
 going to wait to get it framed, but I will get
 it done right away as I don't want to get it
 dirty. I found a local gallery/frameshop that
 knows of the print and the value, and they
 will do a good job. Once again, thank you to
 the two of you. It has been a pleasure
 doing business, and if I ever want any other
 pictures/prints, I will definitely contact you!
 I will also pass your name on if anyone is
 looking for any fine art."

B. Gillespie - Canada  Pencil 

 "On 9/20/04 I received the two pictures
 that I ordered on 9/8/04. I want to say
 thank you for such a great job on the
 shipping. Someone took great care and
 concern when they packaged my pictures.
 I will be happy to do business with you
 again in the future. I hope that you made it
 through all those hurricanes. Take care, in
 the name of Yeshua."

Victoria Beedle  Pencil 

 "This is the first time I have visited your
 site and I have enjoyed it. I don't think a
 day will pass without visiting the site. I am
 going to recommend the site to my church

Rev. Eric Hayford  Pencil 

 "I really loved visiting your site, I have
 spent hours here. It is so wonderful to be
 able to see paintings by such wonderful
 artists, that I would never be able to see
 without the Internet. Thank you for your
 site. I plan on purchasing a few paintings
 in the near future, but I just can't decide
 which ones right now. There are so many
 beautiful works of art. It has been a
 special blessing to find this site."

Judy Leeson  Pencil 

 "I know this reply is far overdue, however,
 I have been thinking of getting back to you
 regarding the framed pictures I received.
 They came in great condition. THANK YOU!!
 I am really enjoying them. Thank you also
 for taking the time to call me personally.
 God bless!!"

Janice Swindell  Pencil 

 "Was very pleased with the site and found
 the painting I was looking for right away."

Deborah Maneval  Pencil 

 "Awesome site! Thank you so much for
 providing a place where people who seek
 to furnish their home and businesses with
 Christ centered art can visit. You are a
 true blessing."

Dorah Walls  Pencil 

 "Hello! Just wanted to thank you for your
 great work on the Web. Praise the Lord!
 Continue the good work."

Glenn Jedlicka  Pencil 

 "Hi David! Just wanted to say thanks for all
 your help with the print I ordered. I really
 appreciate it. I admire what you are doing.
 You will do well. I give you an A+ on your
 customer service! I'm currently in training
 for developing customer service programs!
 Thanks again."

Lisa White  Pencil 

 "Thanks for developing such an inspirational
 and viewing site. My wife is suffering from
 terminal cancer and the Thomas Kinkade
 section brought her much peace and
 comfort. Depending on finances, I will
 purchase the prayer garden print for
 Christmas. God Bless you! Thanks!"

S. Wilburn  Pencil 

 "What a wonderful website. As parents of
 five children ages six and under, we desire
 will to fill our home with those things which
 help make God's Word come alive.
 Deuteronomy 6:5-9 instructs parents to
 'write them (God's Word), on the door
 frames of our houses and on our gates.'
 Thank you for providing us with yet another
 resource which will assist us in our efforts.
 Thank you all for sharing. God be with you!"

Dave and Jodi Quint  Pencil 

 "The Nathan Greene print arrived safely
 last weekend. Thank you very much in
 helping me locate a copy of this print.
 I have recommended your website to a
 few of my friends, so you may be getting
 some more inquiries."

Barb Cook  Pencil 

 "Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I
 got my picture today. It is beautiful and I
 wanted to thank you for finding it for me.
 I bought it in memory of my mother, so it
 brought tears to my eyes. It is going to
 look just perfect in my living room. God

T. Stryker  Pencil 

 "I've received the Kinkade painting last
 week, and it made my day. Also, thanks for
 getting me "The Last Supper" by Leonardo
 da Vinci. God bless!"

Keith Yi  Pencil 

 "I am glad I found this web site. It is fun
 and safe."

Jada Limbaugh  Pencil 

 "Hi! We got our canvas picture by Greg
 Olsen on Monday in mint condition, and we
 love it! Thanks!"

Rafiq and Chris Ahmed  Pencil 

 "I was very excited to find you website
 through a Yahoo search of Ron's name. I
 will definitely be utilizing your site and
 would love to make my purchases from it."

Steve Baker  Pencil 

 "Thank you for your vision. Christians
 should be at the forefront of beauty and
 art. After all, the Creator of the universe,
 the greatest Artist of all is their Father.
 Wouldn't you want to see what His
 creations can create? Thank you again."

J. Walker  Pencil 

 "I looked at several websites, but this one
 offered the best selection. Thank you for an
 easy-to-use site with a beautiful selection
 of Christian artwork."

Donna J. Hodgson  Pencil 

 "Blessings on your work, the pictures you
 have on your web site are exceptional,
 thank you so much for being such an
 encouraging force to those of us who are
 broken hearted, thank you again in the holy
 Name of Jesus!"

Gabriel Angelus  Pencil 

 "I have look around your web site, it looks
 great and nice! I will share with friend.

Lolak  Pencil 

 "I love being able to view all these beautiful
 Christian paintings. I am looking for a cover
 to my book and this site is very helpful."

Theresa Patterson  Pencil 

 "I love your website. It is the best Christian
 retail site on the Web."

John W. Coffey  Pencil 

 "Thank you for your ministry by this blessful
 site. God bless you."

David Purnomo  Pencil 

 "Great site covering all the great artists!"

Jeanne Lander  Pencil 

 "Greetings to you in the name of our
 precious Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!
 Thank you so much for your fast response
 to my query. I was delighted to find your
 website and spent a long time enjoying
 looking at the beautiful artwork you have
 available. I do have a need coming up for
 a picture for my new (thank you Jesus)
 office so will keep you in mind for that as
 well. Thanks, and I'll pray God blesses you
 with wisdom and prosperity!"

Janie Campbell  Pencil 

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