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Man with Pencil Woman with Pencil

 "I am absolutely delighted to see a web
 site such as yours dedicated to displaying
 quality Christian artwork. As a full time
 artist, it is also my goal to produce and
 see that Christian artwork such as these
 touch people all around the world. Very

Peter Carlos  Pencil 

 "What a blessing your site is!!! It is always
 good to 'bump' into Christian friends,
 especially on the Internet. I came across
 your site while looking up availability of a
 19th print I had seen called Lost: Souvenir
 of Auvergne. I haven't found any info on
 that yet, but what a joy to find you. Amen!
 What a wonderful ministry you have. God

Irene Doane  Pencil 

 "The website is very nice. One can find
 almost anything they would like pertaining
 to the Bible. I would recommend this site to
 friends. A friend in Christ."

A. Peterkin  Pencil 

 "I enjoyed to meet your site in the ocean
 of uncleaned ones."

Yuri Valayaev  Pencil 

 "I came across your site today, and your
 artwork is truly "Christ-Centered." All the
 blessings that God has provided are shown
 in each artist's rendition. They expose the
 simple and pure beauty of God; no need for
 the hyped and secular persuasion. If only I
 could paint for His glory as these artists
 do, but to each He has given a gift, so my
 enjoyment is looking at these and having
 the option to order. Thank you!"

Sheryl La May  Pencil 

 "Thank you for this site. It is really an
 inspiration to a visual image of the

Kim L. Mathis  Pencil 

 "Hi, I received Forgiven in a frame w/nails
 for my birthday this week (11/16), and I
 really, really am blessed by this gift.
 Thanks much!"

Roy H. Halterman, Jr.  Pencil 

 "Just wanted to say I think your site is one
 of the nicest I have seen and thank you for
 the opportunity."

Vicki Robinson  Pencil 

 "Just wanted to say I really appreciate
 your web site. I have been saved 25 years
 now. I will pray for you all and God bless
 you all keep up the good work."

Barbara Bechand  Pencil 

 "I appreciate your quick response; thanks
 so much! Your web site is now a part of
 our 'Favorites' list."

Becky McConnell  Pencil 

 "I love your website and feel so blessed to
 have found it (just today!). I have already
 shared it with a few friends. God bless you."

Verica Ketko  Pencil 

 "I am deeply inspired and moved by the
 artists' expressions. I enjoyed your website
 and art gallery. Thanks and God bless!"

Gigi Whitt  Pencil 

 "Very interesting page!"

Annebet Sofia Victoria Holbak  Pencil 

 "Thank you so much for your help!"

Mark E. Christensen  Pencil 

 "Beautiful site, beautiful music. Thanks!"

Peggy  Pencil 

 "I was looking for praise midi files and
 found them. Thanks!"

Leslie B. Bhagyan  Pencil 

 "Christ-Centered Art is an awesome site!"

Ed Spenard  Pencil 

 "Thanks to your site; it really helps. God
 bless and more power."

Grace Villanueva  Pencil 

 "Very nice site keep up the good work!"

In Search of Peace Magazine  Pencil 

 "This is absolutely awesome. I love it!"

Carole Gordon  Pencil 

 "Your artwork is breathtaking!"

Jeff Friberg  Pencil 

 "Great site!"

David Stewart  Pencil 

 "I was moved by the paintings of the gates
 by Thomas Kinkade."

Judy Francis Johnson  Pencil 

 "You have some nice prints. Thanks for
 your web site. It's very encouraging to
 come to this site and see God's wonderful

Vincent Caruso  Pencil 

 "Our precious Lord and Savior has given us
 many wonderful and beautiful things. These
 artists are a gift to us all as their inner
 beauty is put forth and can be seen in their
 great works of art. Jesus has truly blessed
 them. Thank you all for sharing. God be
 with you!"

Connie L. Ellenbolt  Pencil 

 "It's great to be able to find artwork that
 is beautiful and doesn't compromise our
 Christian beliefs."

Nelly E. Davila  Pencil 

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