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G. Harvey Preview

 G. Harvey is an artist
 who is best known for
 painting the spirit of
 America from its vast
 prairies and western hills
 to the commerce of its
 great cities.

   Wall Street - New York

 This particular image is
 Wall Street - NY and
 depicts Wall Street as
 it appeared at the turn
 of the 20th century.

 View this image and the
 rest of G. Harvey's art
 portfolio in our expansive
 G. Harvey slideshow.

G. Harvey


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G. Harvey Art Print Titles

 Takin' a Soakin' 
 Takin' Texas North 
 Tea Time on Newbury Street 
 Test of Champions 
 Teton Valley 
 Texas Cowboys 
 Texas - From Hide and Horn 
 Texas Independence 
 Texas Rancher 
 Theater Crowd, The 
 Thinking of Spring 
 Thoughts of Home 
 Three Hands and a Hound 
 Ties of Home, The 
 Ties That Bind, The 
 Time for Tea 
 Time of Hope 
 Times Remembered 
 Too Wet to Plow 
 Toy Shop, The 
 Trading at the General Store 
 Trailhands & Trolleys 
 Trailing the Canyon Light 
 Trolleys on Broadway 
 Turning the Lead 
 Twentieth Century Ranching 
 Twilight in the City 
 Unto the Least of These 
 Vendors and Trolleys 
 Vendors of Dreams 
 Vendors on Fifth Avenue 
 Vendors on the Avenue 
 Village Carolers 
 Wall Street 
 Wall Street - New York 
 Warmth of Friendship, The 
 We the People 
 When Bankers Wore Boots 
 When Cowboys Don't Change 
 When Leases Change 
 When Lightning Rules the Sky 
 When Snow Melts into Music 
 When the Lonesomes Set In 
 When Times Were Gentle 
 Where Cowhands Don't Change 
 Where Eagles Soar 
 Whosoever Believeth 
 Wind River Range 
 Winter Evening 
 Winter Evening in Old Boston 
 Winter Flurries 
 Winter's Eve 
 Wishes and Dreams 
 With Bedroll and Beans 
 With No Intention of Changing 
 Yellow Awning, The 
 Yosemite's Sentinel 
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