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Slice of Laodicea is a blog site which contains thought-provoking news, commentary, and links for Christians concerned about the state of the contemporary church.

Slice of Laodicea

Christ-Centered Mall

Christian Bible Teaching Ministry

Welcome to Our Christian Bible Teaching Ministry

Our Christian Mall Ministry Megasite

Christ-Centered Mall, founded in 1998, is an online Christian Bible teaching ministry and shopping mall which provides pure biblical principles and sound biblical teaching not only for Christians but also for non-believers in hope that they repent and receive God's gracious salvation plan in Jesus Christ.

Christian Bible Teaching Ministry

The goal of our Christian Bible teaching ministry is to teach sound biblical doctrine and bring disciples to maturity; yet still reach the lost, call believers to revival, and motivate Christians to spend more of their time in deep Bible study and prayer. Our passion is to share exciting revelations and insights worldwide to encourage, stimulate, and facilitate serious study of the Bible as God's infallible Word so information can bring forth transformation and head knowledge can become heart knowledge.

Our Bible teachings are constantly being updated as God pours out precious truths to us by His Holy Spirit — truths which line up to God's Word but have been hidden, mistaught, and often misunderstood. Please feel free to translate our teachings into your own native language and visit our Scripture of the Day for your daily bread.

Christian Shopping Mall

To support our ministry, we offer affordable advertising for Christian businesses so they can sell Christian gifts and services worldwide. Our Christian shopping mall is family-friendly, provides a large amount of traffic, and has unique stores such as Christ-Centered Art — an online Christian art gallery dealing in affordable, high-quality
art prints and canvases. Why not also advertise your store or service in our online mall and watch your traffic boost?

Closing Statement

We hope that your visit to our Christian gathering place and biblical resource center will be a pleasant, fruitful experience and that it will inspire your faith year round.

Please feel free to bookmark this site so you can view all of the Christian teachings and biblical materials this site has to offer. We would also be honored if you would take a moment to vote for our site.

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