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Art Titles

 Robert Bateman

  Highbrush Cranberries - Cardinal (2007)

  Intent - Cougar (2007)

  Winter Gathering - Horse Herd (2007)

  First Alert (20074)

  Windtalkers (2007)

  Black Bear Predator Portfolio (2007)

  Salmon Watch - Spirit Bear (2004)

  Big Black (2004)

  Moose in Moonlight (2004)

  Questing - Red Fox (2004)

  Under the Banyan - Tiger (2004)

  Winter Cardinal (2004)

  Snowy Nap (2004)

  Antarctic Evening - Whales (2004)

  Northern Reflections - Loon Family (2004)

  Lone Raven (2004)

  The Return - Bald Eagle Pair (2004)

  Riverbank Retreat - Bobcat (2004)

  Song of the South - Carolina Wren (2004)

  Shoreline - Common Loon (2004)

  Midnight Black Wolf (2004)

  Among the Leaves - Cottontail (2003)

  Autumn Overture (2003)

  Chickadee and Rose Hips (2003)

  Black-Crowned Night Heron Pair (2003)

  Winter Blues - Blue Jay (2003)

 Carl Brenders

  Double Dare (2005)

  Steadfast and Resolute (2005)

  Power and Grace (2004)

  In the Black - Chickadees (2004)

  Esprit De Corps (2004)

  Bearly Asleep (2004)

  Bearly Awake (2004)

  The Good Life - Cougar (2004)

  Disorderly Conduct (2003)

  East of the Sun - Chinese Leopard (2003)

  West of the Moon - Snow Leopard (2003)

  Trail Mix (2003)

  Out of the Storm (2002)

 Peter Ellenshaw

  Moonlight (canvas) (2004)

  Irrestistable Forces (2004)

 Nita Engle

  Morning by the Sea (2004)

  Wild River Moose (2004)

  Mystical Boats (2003)

 Corbert Gauthier

  Father and Son (2002)

 Terry Isaac

  Lovers at the Inn - Cardinal (2004)

  Rust and Blue (2004)

  Southern Comfort - Carolina Wren (2004)

  In the Limelight - Chickadee (2003)

  Posy Pedestal (2003)

  Autumn Gold (2002)

  Out of the Storm (2002)

 Kathy Lawrence

  Treasured in Her Heart (2004)

  I Know My Sheep (2004)

 Greg Olsen

  Let Him In (2005)

  Forgiven (2004)

  I Feel My Savior's Love (2004)

  Heir to the Kingdom (2004)

  Abide with Me (2004)

  Song of Praise (2003)

  Fairy Tales (2003)

  The Pleasure of Your Company (2003)

  Lost and Found (2003)

  Imagination: The Final Frontier (2002)

  Prince of Peace (2002)

  The Messenger (2002)

  I Love New Yorkies (2002)

 Daniel Smith

  Forever Free (canvas) (2004)

  In Your Face (2004)

  Riverbank Procession (2004)

  Yellowstone Procession (2004)

  On the Rise - Canvasbacks (2003)

  Zero Tolerance (2003)

  Uncommon Valor (2003)

  Sea Eagle (2003)

  African Tempest - Cheetah (2002)

 Edwin Tuts

  The Eyes of Christ (2004)

 Jay Bryant Ward

  Our Advocate (2004)

  Under His Wing (2004)

  Seed of Faith (2004)

 Morgan Weistling

  Kissing the Face of God (canvas) (2004)

  Our Refuge Our Strength (canvas) (2004)

  Fields of Gold (2003)

  Beauty Parlor (2002)

  Missing You (2002)

  The Fruit Inspector (2002)

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