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Carl Brenders Spotlight

 Carl Brenders is an
 artist who is best known
 for painting every detail
 of his wildlife images.

   Close to Mom

 This particular image,
 Close to Mom, depicts
 the tenderness and
 wildness of a mother
 grizzly bear and her
 wonderful relationship
 with her young cubs.

 You can gaze upon a
 pictorial collection
 of all of Mr. Brenders'
 best-loved artwork by
 viewing a slideshow.

Carl Brenders Art Prints and Canvases

Carl Brenders wildlife art prints and canvases for sale.

Carl Brenders

Carl Brenders

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Introduction to Carl Brenders

 Carl Brenders is a wildlife artist whose
 artwork reflects his respect for nature. His
 precise and lively paintings capture the
 extreme realism of the birds, mammals, and
 the habitats he depicts.

Newspaper  You can view a detailed biography
 of Carl Brenders on our website.

 Currently, Carl's best-selling art print is
 Power and Grace. View this image and
 more in our slideshow.

Shop Carl Brenders

 Shop and find an additional selection of fine
 art prints by artist Carl Brenders on
 sale at 20% off!

 Use coupon code 20MEB when you place
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 custom framing also available.
Carl Brenders Art Print Titles

 A Hunter's Dream Price
 A Threatened Symbol Price
 A Young Generation Price
 Acrobats Meal - Red Squirrel Price
 Amber Gaze - Snowy Owl Price
 Apple Harvest Price
 Apple Lover, The Price
 An Autumn Gentleman Price
 Autumn Lady Price
 Autumn Procession - Elk Price
 Balance of Nature, The Price
 Bearely Asleep Price
 Bearely Awake Price
 Between the Vines - Red Fox New Release Price
 Black Sphinx Price
 Black Wolf Price
 Black-Capped Chickadees Price
 Blond Beauty Price
 Bluebirds Price
 Broken Silence Price
 Butterfly Collection: Exotic Group #1 Price
 Butterfly Collection: European Group #2 Price
 Butterfly Collection: Collectors Group #3 Price
 California Quail Price
 Calm Before the Challenge - Moose Price
 Catching Up with Mom Price
 Chickadee and Apple Tree New Release Price
 Cliff Dweller - Cougar Price
 Close to Mom Price
 Close-Up - Cougar Price
 Colorful Playground - Cottontails Price
 Companions Price
 Cougar Cup Study Price
 The Companions Price
 Crowning Glory - Golden Kinglets Price
 Dall Sheep Portrait Price
 Den Mother - Wolf Family Price
 Den Mother Pencil Sketch Price
 Disorderly Conduct Price
 Disturbed Daydreams Price
 Double Dare Price
 Double Trouble - Raccoons Price
 Down for the Count Price
 East of the Sun - Chinese Leopard Price
 Endangered Ambassadors - Tiger Cubs Price
 Esprit De Corps - Arctic Wolves Price
 Family Tree, The Price
 Fast Food Price
 Female Merlin Study Price
 Fireball - Screech Owl Price
 Flash of Sapphire - Blue Jay Price
 Forager's Reward - Red Squirrel Price
 Forest Carpenter - Pileated Woodpecker Price
 Forest Sentinel - Bobcat Price
 Fortress Price
 Free as the Breeze Price
 Full House - Fox Family Price
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  Carl Brenders

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Carl Brenders

Carl Brenders art prints and canvases by wildlife artist Carl Brenders can be purchased at special sale prices at Christ-Centered Art.