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 Lion and Lamb

 Living Water

 Lord Fulfilleth All

 Lord's Prayer, The

 Maranatha II

 Midnight Black Wolf

 The Nativity

 No Room in the Inn

 O Night Divine

 Preparing for Feast

 Rawhide & Thunder

 Safely Home

 The Tabernacle

 This Is My Son

 The Wailing Wall

 Washington at V.F.

 Widow's Mite, The

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Christian Artists

Christian artists and painters who specialize in painting inspirational, Christian art can be found in Christ-Centered Art's artist directory.

Our Christian artists include world-renowned artists and painters such as Thomas Kinkade, Greg Olsen, James Coleman, James Christensen, G. Harvey, John Weiss, Sandra Kuck, William Phillips, Charles Wysocki, and Thomas Blackshear, just to name a few.

Our Christian artists are published by acclaimed artist publishing houses such as the Greenwich Workshop, Millpond Press, Somerset House, Hadley House, Lightpost Publishing, Dayspring Cards, James Coleman Studio, and several others.

Christian Artist Directory


Scripture Reference

The Holy Bible"For God is not unrighteous to forget your work and labour of love, which ye have showed toward his name, in that ye have ministered to the saints, and do minister."

-- Hebrews 6:10

Christian Artists

Anderson Anonymous Antis
Baker Barnes Barrett
Barton Batchelor Bateman
Bayens Beecham Behrens
Bennett Bergsma Bierstadt
Birkenstock Blackshear Blish
Bloch Blocher Blossom
Bo Botts Brackenbury
Braddock Bralds Breedon
Brenders Brewer Brown
Browning Burnand Byers
Chase Chiu Christensen
Clarke Coleman Constantino
Cornwell Daly DaVinci
Dawley DeMott Dewey
Dewitt DiCianni Doares
Doty duBois Dudash
Dudley Duncan Dyke
Ellenshaw Ellis Engle
Enstrom Farquharson Fincher
Freitag Friberg Garren
Gauthier Gelsinger Gerhartz
Gibson Gillies Gjertson
Glazier Goodson Grace
Gray Greene, B. Greene, N.
Grelle Guichard Gustafson
Hahlbohm Hallmark Hansel
Hansen Harnett Harrington
Hartough Harvey Haynie
Hegsted Henrie Henson
Heuer Hicks Hidley
Hillier Hofmann Hofner
Hollander Holm Hook
Hoover Hopkins Huse
Isaac Iverson Ivory
Jacobus Jekel Johnson
Kelley Kennedy Kinkade
Klauba Knutson Kolbe
Kozak Krajewski Kruskamp
Kuck Landry Lawrence
Lee Lessin Lindsley
Liu Loveless Lyman
Marshall Martin Maughan
Millet Milton Mitchell
Mock Monti Morgan
Mumm Newton Norlien
Norris Oliphant Olsen
Parson Pech Peterson
Phillips Plockhorst Price
Redlin Reed Rembrandt
Richardson Rivière Robinson
Rockwell Roe Ross
Saint Sallman Sawyer
Schmehl Scott Seward
Singleton Smith, D. Smith, J.
Soord Sorensen Spaulding
Spooner Stephens Stewart
Sweigard Swindle Takino
Tobey Tuts Vettriano
Wallace Ward Watson
Weingartner Weiss Weistling
Westfall Wimmer Windberg
Winget Winston Wittwer
Wolfe Wyeth Wysocki
Yarbrough Yorke Zabateri
Zee Zinn Zolan, D.
Zolan, R. Zou Zünd
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Christian Artists

Christian artists and painters who paint inspirational Christian art can be found in the artist directory at Christ-Centered Art.