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According to Dr. Harold Vick, Our Founder:

"Jacksonville Theological Seminary began as a vision or plan in the heart of God. He simply allowed me to be a caretaker of that vision. In the beginning, the plan certainly was not clear. Boy, was I looking through a glass darkly. Also, like most visions, it was received progressively, line upon line, precept upon precept.

"Originally I felt God wanted me simply to teach people how to resist the Devil so that he would have to flee. I also wanted to equip these people so they could teach others what they were being taught.

"If you know anything about getting people together for a teaching or a meeting, of any kind, there is no one night when everyone is available; thus, the cassette tape ministry was born. Little did I know these tapes would literally be listened to all over the world. The first class for JTS actually began in 1987. The first graduation was held in 1989, after being prodded for some tangible evidence of having completed the courses. With the hurdles for state certification of a degree program successfully jumped, JTS graduated 24 students the first year. Since that time the number of graduates has almost doubled every year. Take any number and keep doubling it and you will understand why JTS has passed even my wildest imagination.

"After the 1990 graduation three men, one from Miami, FL; one from Anniston, AL and one from Savannah, Tennessee asked about having a branch campus in their cities. This was the beginning of the satellite program which today provides live teaching in nearly 80 cities in the United States, as well as campuses overseas, One of the ways you can tell GOD is in something is, it gets bigger than you are. No one is more aware of the fact that JTS is a sovereign move of God than is your Founder and President. I find myself standing on the sidelines shouting "Go God!"

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