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Christian Testimony, Testimonial, and Commentary

National Christian testimony, testimonial, and commentary can be found at Christ-Centered Mall.


Man Reading Commentary, Testimonial, and Testimony

Scripture Reference

"Ye are our epistle written in our hearts, known and read of all men."

-- II Corinthians 3:2

Introduction to Testimonials

Reaching Our Nation

We at Christ-Centered Mall are blessed to hear how this website is touching the lives of Americans here in United States as well.

Please read what United States visitors have written to us and then check out commentary, testimonial, and testimony from Christians in other countries around the world.



"It seems that the Holy Spirit has given you a "God-Idea" for a vast congregation! Be blessed and keep on chargin' forward in the Lord!"

-- Pastor J. Alcorn  Pencil


"The First Assembly of God Church in Fairbanks, Alaska sponsors us in a home missions ministries at Golden Towers in Fairbanks. I have looked over your teaching material, and it is awesome. May God richly bless you!"

-- B. Vinson  Pencil


"Just wanting more teachings from your website. I really like your all your insight on all these issues. Every day I'm wanting to grow more and more in my walk with Jesus Christ! Praise the Lord for people like you who feed His sheep."

-- Aimee  Pencil

"Thank you - Thank you - Thank you. My heart is most grateful! Thank you again for your teaching. I am hopeful that our Lord will continue to bless you. I am also hopeful in that our Lord will bless our growth together."

-- A. Banks  Pencil

"This is the cutist and most informable Christian website I've seen. God bless this site and all of you. I will be visiting often."

-- S. Trippé  Pencil


"I really enjoy the way this website is laid out with the differentiation between milk and meat studies. I get stuck sometimes, and the material on here really helps me out a lot. I have been out of teaching the Word for awhile, but God called me back. So, I really do appreciate the help your site provides."

-- B. Hale  Pencil

"I just found your teachings today and am excited that you believe as I do. I am a Bible teacher and am always looking for good Bible truths."

-- S. Lisemby  Pencil

"I like this website. I have not been on here for a long time and a few minutes ago I remembered. Thanks!"

-- S. Rhynes  Pencil


"I find your site extremely interesting and informative. It meets my needs for the place of spiritual growth that the Lord has developed me to. I have read your Statement of Faith, and it matches mine. I love the clarity that Yahweh has given you to explain the difference in the trinity, yet, incorporating, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. I definitely believe the Lord has brought me here to continue developing. I am an ordained minister with much to learn, but have a willing and loving heart for my Lord and His people, and the lost."

-- D. Garrett  Pencil

"Great website for Christians seeking answers whether you are new to the faith or have been a Christian for a long time. It is a reminder that we need to constantly stay focused on God's Word and the things of God and koinonia. Thank you!"

-- B.J. Moreno  Pencil

"Love this site. Thank you so so much for all you have done. God is so working through you for me!!!! I have sat here and read and read. I have my Bible here, and I look up the scriptures you quote from. I will make this site part of my daily activities. You explain things so perfectly. Thank you again."

-- C. Morgan  Pencil

"Only my second day on your site, but I have learned a lot from your teachings and am really glad your proof and backbone is the Word/Scriptures you use to show and explain. Thank you very much, and God bless you and your ministry from God."

-- J. Young  Pencil


"I am so glad I was led to this site!"

-- M. Erickson  Pencil


"After an exhaustive search on the Net, I can honestly say that Christ-Centered Mall is the best Christian mall available. Offering more than just great products; it is a virtual Christian hangout. One can read the teachings, cartoons, enter prayer requests, go to a Christian chat room, etc. And lest I forget, it is by far the best source for Christian artwork. I was amazed to find that the whole site is the work of one sincere Christian man, with the blessing and love of the Holy Ghost."

-- Dr. R. Heering  Pencil


"Thanks for this wonderful web site!"

-- Pastor K. E. Davis III  Pencil


"Just wanted to say that I really enjoy your website. I came across it earlier this week, and I've been visiting since. There's really good study material on here. Gaining spiritual knowledge only leads us closer to God. I thank God for using you in order for Him to get the glory. God bless you and your family."

-- Alicia  Pencil

"I researched for a website exactly like ''. This is one of the most completely spiritual tutorial websites I've encountered in a long while. I simply loved and highly admired the overall layout of the whole website. 'This is a true work in the spirit of excellence type'. God bless."

-- R. Askew  Pencil

"I just wanted to say that your materials are very good, and that the Lord led me to your site to be uplifted today. I especially liked reading about the angels. I'm interested in learning more about scripture and find your information very clear and meaningful. I also enjoyed reading about degrees not being important. I feel you both, husband and wife, have been anointed by God to spread His Word. May blessings be poured upon you and your family forever. Many thanks, and I'll keep returning to your site."

-- R. Davison  Pencil

"Great site! I was looking for information about spiritual gifts. This was the first site I checked. It had much information on the subject and very sound doctrine which lines up with the Word. I will be visiting the site often."

-- R. Laird  Pencil

"I visited your website in order to find information on the gifts of the Spirit. Thank you for being a "true" Christian site. I am blessed by your site and in return, I pray Gods' blessings upon you."

-- C. Lowry  Pencil

"I have been having a hard time lately in my life, and I just wanted to say thank you for you and other Christians out there doing God's work."

-- R. Page  Pencil

"Reading about the power of the tongue was uplifting."

-- R. Small  Pencil

"I found your site while looking for Armor of God material, and I must say this site is a blessing. I have done a lot of research over the past couple of years on this wicked world which is run by Satan as well as reconnecting with God by reading the Bible more. I find that I understand His Word and prophecy more clearly now that I have The Holy Spirit guiding me. I was recently baptized, and my life has changed for the better. I realize this world has nothing to offer, and I anciently await Jesus Christ's return! I thank you and your wife for bringing sound doctrine of God and Jesus to the Internet when it is needed to quench the thirst of many. Continue the good work, and may Christ peace be with you!"

-- J. Thompson  Pencil

"I am very pleased with your web page. When compared with Christian literature available in stores, I think you cover a wide area of topics so anyone with Internet can access it. I am glad I did because it blessed me."

-- L. Williams  Pencil


"Love the teachings. They are quick and easy."

-- T. Richardson  Pencil

"This is a wonderful site!!! I read some of the teachings, and I felt so good with them. The feasts of Israel, wow!! And the teaching on Christmas — I taught that very same thing not a week ago. It was almost like it was word for word. I've never felt so good with a site such as this. I'm anxious to get in the chat room."

-- O. Smith  Pencil

"I love your site. I have learned a lot, and I am thankful to God that I was led to this site over a year ago. To God be the glory!"

-- B. Star  Pencil

"I thank God for a website like yours because it is evidence that getting the word out about God is not dead. I love your Christian cartoons; they are so funny to me. I just want to say keep up the good work of God!"

-- M. Strickland  Pencil

"This is the best website. I am teaching the Armor of God. This is great information for my teens and so clear. Thanks for putting this website out."

-- J. Tyndall  Pencil



-- .  Pencil


"Thank you for the awesome teachings. Hope to keep coming back for more!"

-- K. Teater  Pencil


"This is an exceptionally beautiful site!! What a way to portray our Lord!! Thank You!!!"

-- J. Brown  Pencil

"Hello! I am blessed to find your site. It is 8:20 AM, and I just needed to see something worth seeing on the internet. So I typed in scripture of the day and there you were. I am adding you to my favorites list for future use. Thank you for taking the time to make this site. It has helped me and given me a better chance of understanding the Word. May our Father in heaven shine on you and keep you. For God so loved the earth that he gave His only begotten Son. That's alot of love friends."

-- L. Griffith, Jr.  Pencil

"I read about angels on your web. It was very good and helped me. Thank You. I look forward to receiving your monthly newsletter."

-- E. Ramos  Pencil

"Your site has the most accurate and enjoyable Bible teachings."

-- J. Ziegler  Pencil


"I have found this website to be off the hook, meaning I'm so impressed that I will share it with other people. Continue in what God is doing."

-- J. Brown  Pencil

"I went to my websearch to type in a question and this website popped up. This is the greatest place I have found by 'mistake'. I will be back again. PTL!"

-- N. Clarke  Pencil

"I have been to many Christian sites that state many things. Yours is the best. The teachings I find here in are the best I've found. I love you for your work. I will visit often to learn and study. Thank you. Thank you very much! In Christ."

-- B. Erickson  Pencil


"I love your teaching on this site. God bless you! Thank you!"

-- J. Hutchison  Pencil


"What a wonderful website! I am amazed, impressed, and blessed. Praise be to God for this wonderful tool to use in His name!"

-- T. Krause  Pencil

"Your website is very informative. Thanks, and God bless!"

-- D. Perez  Pencil


"I've been looking for a site like this. I'm from a non-denomonational church. I have the power of the Holy Ghost. I agree with your site. Thank you for letting God lead you this way. God bless you."

-- P. Wood  Pencil


"I love your website. It helps out a great deal in Bible study."

-- Carolyn  Pencil

"I happen to think that this site helped me bring me closer to Jesus. I'm sure it will bring me closer."

-- R. Burks  Pencil

"I really have enjoyed the reading of the scriptures, and I am looking forward to spending more time applying your teaching to my daily life and uplifting and encouraging others to fullfil their lives by applying daily food as you have done for me. May God forever bless your ministry."

-- E. Hunt  Pencil

"I've been looking for a place to shop for things that matter to me, and I think I've found Christ in your web site! God bless you on your efforts to lite the world for Christ!"

-- I. Perkins  Pencil


"Thank you for feeding the hungry."

-- Tara  Pencil


"I have been a student of prophecy for over 30 years. I want to tell you that I found your site most refreshing, especially as you tied the feasts to the first and second coming of Christ. I agree with what you have written about these feasts as it relates to the rapture."

-- Pastor J. Abent  Pencil

"This is a wonderful site, and God is well pleased with your hearts. Keep on ministering in the market place. God Bless you!"

-- D. Jones  Pencil

"I was so glad to stumble across this website to find other believers like me. I also know that the way to salvation was written in Acts chapter two. Thank you for the encouragement of this site."

-- D. Tucker  Pencil


"This is the best website to stay into. May our Lord and Saviour reward you for these wonderful insights of the Bible. I will always dwell on this site. God bless."

-- G. Kinyanjui  Pencil

"I think your site is an awesome site, and I quite enjoy it. Thanks for putting this site online. God bless you!"

-- R. Tourigny  Pencil


"I really like this website, it will become my favorite one now. Keep on with your ministry God is using you greatly!"

-- B. Ghent  Pencil

"I was reading my Bible this morning trying to get ready for the day, and your Scripture of the Day was perfect and a confirmation to me. I loved the Daily Bread which led me to read further on into your website. This site is so encouraging to me as I read and read. I know God put my fingers where they needed to go on the computer to find you! So yes, please send me your newsletter. God's blessings to you and yours."

-- J. Hayford  Pencil

"I am grateful for this web site. Praise the Lord! I have copied a lot of information to give to friends and family, to help guide them in their walk."

-- L. Hughes  Pencil

"I love your no nonsense, 'let's get to the truth but with love' teachings. God bless you, and keep up the good work. You are saving lives."

-- D. Williamson  Pencil


"I like what I have seen, and think you have what we could use to keep the kids' interest Sunday after Sunday. Thank you."

-- P. Flatt  Pencil

"I would just like to say thank you. I'm very impressed with your site. I will tell my friends about it. I really think there should be more tv and computer sites like this. It's a good feeling."

-- L. Lavoie  Pencil


"I just read the study on credentials. I am so thankful for this lesson for at this moment I was doubting my mission and purpose in God's plan. Thank you so much for your insight and testimony. Thank you above all for sharing this message with the world."

-- S. Bartley  Pencil

"This website is awesome! Thanks for being available to the people of God!"

-- L. Walker  Pencil


"Found your website, and it certainly is a blessing as I need resources for proving the Bible is accurate and can be proved scientifically, historically, and also based on archaeology."

-- A. Donahue  Pencil

"I'm a full gospel pastor and teach your teachings in my church."

-- B. Spencer  Pencil

"I just wanted to say 'Hello'. I just found your website and wanted to tell you how much I enjoy it! I've put it on my favorites so I can find it easily. I've been on it tonight already for several hours. There's so much good information on it. May God bless you!"

-- Richard  Pencil


"I love your website. It's great! I'm like a kid at a candystore! I'm glad I came across it. Look forward to hearing from you soon. God bless your ministry."

-- D. Hartley  Pencil


"Thank you for being available. We are pentecostal Christians. I love having places like this to go to and to share this with my children."

-- V. Klemm  Pencil


"Purely by the grace of God I found your website. Thank you very much for being there. This will be helpful for me teaching my 2 teenage grandchildren."

-- R. Naples  Pencil

 New HampshireNew Hampshire

"Praise God for the teachings of His Word which we desperately need in these days."

-- B. Ubido  Pencil

 New JerseyNew Jersey

"This web page is a blessing, irrespective of its purpose. I could not explain how I was led to this site. I am so blessed to have studied a lesson so rich from it. It is my prayer that God sustain this web site by His special grace."

-- N. Eke  Pencil

"Praise the Lord, I happened upon the Christ-Centered Mall website while surfing Christian art. I must say that it's the most rewarding and enjoyable Christian site I've ever browsed. As an artist, it is fulfilling to hear from other artists and see their spirit-filled work. Also, this evening I visited the Christian Cartoon section, and I must say that it's been a long time since I laughed that hard. God bless you and your staff for providing Christians and non-Christians with timely messages in a world that is desperately in need of what's being offered. Thank you! Be blessed!"

-- S. Gore  Pencil

 New MexicoNew Mexico

"I thoroughly enjoyed your site. Will be back often."

-- Rev. M.L. Ethridge  Pencil

 New YorkNew York

"I happened upon this site and browsed a couple of the teachings, and I think this is one of the most thorough and accurate and SOUND sites that I've come across when it comes to teaching and doctrinal subjects. Bless you!"

-- Minister E. Pullett  Pencil

"Just wanted to tell you how I appreciate your website. I've been on it for 6 years. Thank you for all of your prayers for us. We love you and are praying for you all. God bless and have a great day!"

-- Pastor B. Bechand  Pencil

"I know it was not an accident that I found your site. What a lovely blessing indeed. May God's favor be upon you and may prosperity follow you."

-- Sylvia  Pencil

 North CarolinaNorth Carolina

"This makes for great study and insight on things that were always thought about. It also sets for great teaching as well. My students will love the new material that was found on your site."

-- O. Fobbs  Pencil

 North DakotaNorth Dakota

"I am so excited to come across this site. I will be a regular visitor. My wife and I are missionaries working with Native Americans of the Turtle Mountain Reservation. We came here totally on faith because God gave us a burden for the souls of Native Americans and then opened the door for us to come and take over the small Native American Mission Church — the Dunseith Church of God. We live totally on support we can raise. This website will be a great help. Anything that you could help us with would be gratefully appreciated."

-- D. Bean  Pencil


"I enjoyed your site very much. I came to it for Thomas Kinkade art, but found many good and interesting messages under the monthly teachings. Thanks so much."

-- M. Donahoe  Pencil

"I just clicked on this and was so pleased to see the plan of salvation and clarification on the reasons behind praying a prayer of forgiveness. Thanks for brightening my internet search. Have a Blessed Day in Christ!"

-- Mrs. T. Gatton  Pencil

"This site and it's teachings have helped me a great deal. Thank you!"

-- B. Scarl  Pencil

"Hello. Praise God for a Christian, Bible teaching Web site. I love the Scriptures of the day or daily breads."

-- S. Thompson  Pencil


"Man, this site is awesome; and I haven't even seen a quarter of it yet!"

-- T. Luers  Pencil


"Hi, and blessings from God. Your site is simple, no frills, and easy to browse. All your focus in on God and how we all can obtain the love that is of the universe. Thank you."

-- L. Burton  Pencil

"Thank you for your awesome website. I am in Africa in my 3rd month and needed refreshment and found your website. God's blessings on all that give to make it all it is!"

-- G. Cooper  Pencil


"From what I have seen and read on your website, I was duly impressed. I really appreciated brothers and sisters in the Lord who are "not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ." I also appreciate your boldness and your teachings of sound biblical doctrine. I look forward to reading more and sharing these truths in the Sunday school class and Bible Study that I have been blessed to facilitate. I thank God for Jesus, His Holy Spirit, and you. Be blessed and encouraged as you continue to fulfill the call of God on your lives. I love you."

-- J. Foster  Pencil

"Thank you for such a timely and blessed website to come to over and over again! God is doing great things for you! Be blessed!"

-- J. Hobbs  Pencil

"I am glad to see that you are taking a stand for the Gospel sake regarding teaching the word with a degree. It is sad to see that the requirement in church now is that you can't speak in a public Christian setting without 'papers'."

-- W. Maynor  Pencil

"What a wonderful blessing to find a Christian web site that is family friendly. You have an amazing site here, and I shall return. May God bless, keep, and care for you and yours now and always. Gratefully and respectfully."

-- V. Whitacre  Pencil

 Rhode IslandRhode Island


-- ...  Pencil

 South CarolinaSouth Carolina

"I read your teaching on making vows, and it really hit home for me. Thank you for telling the 'truth' about the word of God, even if it hurts!"

-- K. Harrison  Pencil

"This website was helpful to me with my study in my nontraditional Sunday School Class on the fruit of the spirit. Great information."

-- A. Lyles  Pencil

 South DakotaSouth Dakota


-- ...  Pencil


"This is the first time I have visited your site. I found some wonderful things on your site and very informative."

-- A. Allen  Pencil

"I was on the computer last month trying to find some info on fasting. By the grace of God, this website came up. The information on this website has been a tremendous help for me. It remains to be such an inspirational tool in my spiritual walk and growth. I thank God for you and this website. May God continue to bless."

-- M. Minnis  Pencil

"Praise God for the anointed and informative teachings on your website."

-- J. Thomas  Pencil

"Be encouraged my brother in the Lord; the teaching and revelation that the Holy Spirit has imparted to you are crucial for the last days. You will shine as a light in the midst of darkness; and the things of the past shall not hinder, stop, or keep you from fulfilling the call of God that is upon your life."

-- J. Upton  Pencil

"I praise God for all of your info. What a blessing, and it didn't cost me anything. Other sites would charge for this kind of info. Thanks again!"

-- S. Williams  Pencil


"I love your website, this was my first time visting your site I just LOVVVVVVEEE IT. Keep up the great work. Thank you!"

-- Annette  Pencil

"The teaching on the power of the tongue was awesome!! Every word was for me! The Lord knew exactly what I needed to hear/read. Thank you."

-- H. Green  Pencil

"I have been truly enlightened by this website. Thank you so very much. My questions were answered better than any site I went to for answers."

-- P. Haynes  Pencil

"I was particularly impressed by your theology on the demonic. Many Christians and teachers alike lump demons and foul spirits into the fallen angel category. Many Christians do not take the Word at it's word and fail to perceive the implications of Genesis 6. Thus misunderstanding the origins of many of the tribes and cities spoken of in the Old Testament. I want to thank you for your Berean approach to the truth."

-- J. Nault  Pencil

"Thank you for providing the wonderful truthful teaching on your site."

-- G. Ruiz  Pencil

"What an awesome site. Just been here a few minutes, and I'm already blessed."

-- Dr. K. Young  Pencil


"This is my first visit your web site, and it looks full of good information."

-- L. Mauzey  Pencil


"I love This site! I use it daily for doing my devotions! Thank you for doing God's will and working through these pages! I want more please!"

-- R. L. Thurston  Pencil


"Dear David, Thank you so much for your wonderful website. It has revealed so much to me and has been a real blessing to me. I cannot tell you how thankful I am to the Lord that I found your site. My friends have also found this website enlightening as well. God bless you for your charity and good work in sharing the fruits of the Holy Spirit and helping others in need of His love and those who are confused or lost. May God continue to bless this website to reach those in need. Thank you!"

-- Janet H.  Pencil

"Wonderful! I have been searching the Web for a Bible lesson for church school that would follow the teaching of our Senior Pastor. We have begun the teaching of Kingdom Principles. We were under the studies and belief of the traditional Baptist Church, where the Kingdom of God wasn't really preached or taught. So, I was elated when I ran across your sight. Praise God for such awesome saints!"

-- Minister R. Johnson  Pencil

"I am so glad I found your web site. I was looking for some information for someone else and came upon your site and found the answer I was looking for. I then began to seek other information, and I was so impressed with all the available Bible history and information available. I will share this site with my friends. I have been saved over 30 years, and it is still a wonderful journey to find more and more about Jesus and your web site has blessed me today: February 24, 2007. Thank you for being online. God bless you!"

-- J. Quinn  Pencil

"I thank God for what you are doing. I believe the Word is true. I have taken a look and researched all the words that you say, and it has lined up with my Bible. Thank you."

-- N. Smith  Pencil

"I love this website. I think that this website is so cool. If there is anything for me and my mom, could you please e-mail me. If there is anything that is free that you could send to my house that will help me to get to know Jesus Christ better please e-mail me. I would like you to e-mail me everyday and tell me special scriptures. Could you tell me your e-mail and if I could e-mail you or whoever made this website."

-- Tatiana  Pencil


"I came across your web site this evening and was greatly blessed by the steps you've developed for salvation and for pursuing holiness. Thank you and may the Lord continue to bless your ministry."

-- M. Pettit  Pencil

 Washington, D.C.Washington, D.C.

"This information will help me be a better teacher, student, and person. Thanks for making it available and for the clarity of the information."

-- V. Partin  Pencil

 West VirginiaWest Virginia

"Thank you for this site. I downloaded many things to read and share. I look forward to the signs of heaven coming out! Put me on your mailing list for snail mail and email. Thank you."

-- Felicita  Pencil


"What a wonderful discovery finding your website. It is now in our bookmark menu. I will happily share this site with many friends. May our Lord continue to bless your work."

-- N. Reeves  Pencil


"I just wanted to say thank you. You are a breath of fresh air. I've been a believer for over 10 years and have always used KJV and to find a church or a website is almost impossible in these end times. Thank you for staying true to His Word. You will be blessed for it."

-- N. Coleman  Pencil

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