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Christian Comments, Testimonials, and Testimonies

International Christian comments, testimonials, and testimonies can be found at Christ-Centered Mall.


Woman Reading Comments, Testimonials, and Testimonies

Scripture Reference

"Even as the testimony of Christ was confirmed in you."

-- I Corinthians 1:6

Introduction to Testimonials

A Heart for the Nations

We at Christ-Centered Mall have a heart to reach the nations with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We are continually blessed to hear how this website literally goes "into all the world" and touches the lives of people from every continent.

Please feel free to read what visitors from countries outside the U.S. have written to us and then check out testimonials, testimonies, and comments posted by Christians residing in the United States.



"Wish to receive free newsletter. All the best!"

-- P. Tormey  Pencil


"Enjoying and very impressed with the first study I read on the feasts of Israel and looking forward to going through some of the other teachings."

-- Pastor B. Pryor  Pencil

"Thank you for being there. It's an awesome site, and I firmly believe God is there. Thanks again and God bless."

-- Michael  Pencil



-- .  Pencil


"Very good!"

-- P. Irina  Pencil


"Nice site!"

-- V. Sweetchild  Pencil


"Looks like I'll be visiting again real soon. God bless. I am adding your site to my favourites."

-- L. Trott  Pencil


"Hello, I am Brazilian but don't dominate English. If I make some mistake in the writing please excuse me. But talking about the site, I liked it a lot. I find it interesting that somebody is concerned about addressing this type of subject on the Internet."

-- G. da Silva  Pencil


"I am from a former Communist country. I was persecuted as a Christian. But now we have a sort of a freedom, and I really enjoy this web site. It is an incredible blessing. Thank God for you and may He bless you abundantly!"

-- V. Dimitrova  Pencil


"Thank you so much for this website. I use your material to preach to others online in chatrooms, those lost in witchcraft and confused about real prophesy. I have learned so much from you all. God Bless!"

-- D. Gordon  Pencil

"I like this site. I think it is very informative and accurate according to the Bible!"

-- S. Siemens  Pencil



-- .  Pencil



-- .  Pencil



-- .  Pencil


"Thank you for a very well-planned Christian site. We need your kind."

-- H. Neble  Pencil


"I would like to express my feeling of gratitude to you. I am blessed so much today which is my first time to enter your site. I would like to receive from you and send you my contemplations. Pray for me. Thanks and God bless you and use you for the Glory of His Name, Amen."

-- Terese  Pencil


"This is the best site I have ever been on. It is truly a blessing. Before I visited this site, I was a very naughty sinner. One look at the Scripture of the Day, and I was reformed. Christ-Centered Mall rules!!!"

-- Chris  Pencil

"I have been so blessed today. I happened to discover this website this morning, and I have been reading as much as I can all day. I am feeling so blessed and uplifted to have found a site that I can read whilst I'm not too busy at work. I could not have found anything better to do with my time. God bless you all for all the work you have put into this site, and I can assure you it has touched me in a special way. I am sure many more people will say the same. I pray that the Lord blesses each and everyone of you that puts work into this site. May He bless you with love, joy, happiness, and let's all continue to glorify and magnify His holy name. Thank you!"

-- Faith  Pencil

"I was inspired by your teachings and challenged. So I thank you. It's not often that I look up Christian sites, but my nephew had a motor cycle accident this week, and I needed to find comfort in someone else's thinking."

-- Sam  Pencil

"Very good website my friends, very good. And just think, I happened upon your site whilst searching for the humble Rock Badger. Keep spreading the good news. God bless."

-- H. Tonge  Pencil



-- .  Pencil


"I am very pleased to be allowed free membership, and I am looking forward to getting teachings from this site. Thank you."

-- E. Kumar  Pencil



-- .  Pencil



-- .  Pencil


"I want to learn more from you. If possible to be a part of your ministry."

-- Pastor O. Alexander  Pencil



-- .  Pencil


"This site is very inspiring, and I think it is the best on the net because it gives you a lot to make your spiritual life as a Christian grow stronger. Thank you and may God bless you."

-- F. Fiagbe  Pencil

"I am a pastor pursuing a BA in theology at Central University College. I open your web site and I read about your explanation on salt and light and this has made me fall in love with your ministry. I will be very grateful if you can send me some of your Christian materials that will help me in my ministry and the Body of Christ in my country. The church that I pastor is Trinity Christian Centre. Thanks and God bless you! I will like to become your personal friend."

-- Pastor S. Larbi-Offei  Pencil



-- .  Pencil

 Hong KongHong Kong


-- .  Pencil



-- .  Pencil


"Hi, I am a born again Christian. This website is so much encouraging in my Christian life. Thank you."

-- J. Anil  Pencil

"One not only learns a lot about our religion but also get immense peace. This site has helped me further study my Bible at home. Thank you for this wonderful gift for all of us. May the good Lord bless you with peace and strength to continue with this good work."

-- S. Sebastian  Pencil

"I'm blessed through your website, by watching it."

-- B. Songar  Pencil


"Thank you for discoveries information. It gives me a comprehensive overview related to my faith in Christ. God bless you!"

-- J. Sihombing  Pencil

"Thanks to The Lord for this site. It's really help me to study the words of God. May God always bless you all and your ministry."

-- I. Tulandi  Pencil


"I am an Iraqi Christian who would like to share my faith with others."

-- Roni  Pencil


"I want to be the best person in the Lord Jesus Christ. I want to grow my faith in Him. I need your prayer. I would appreciate your praying."

-- S. Ghasemlou  Pencil



-- .  Pencil



-- .  Pencil


"Your site was such a great help for our youth ministry. God bless you all!

-- C. Carpio  Pencil

"You are a blessing to me. God bless you more."

-- Pastor H. Habte  Pencil

"I really enjoyed the teaching on finances, and I am blessed. I have really learned a lot. May God bless you. Thank you very much. God bless you all."

-- Evangelist E. Siribour  Pencil

 Ivory CoastIvory Coast

"Dear Rev.,

Please I really want to learn from you because your teachings had edify my knowledge and spirit to contact you direct. Please I had lost both my parents, and I have decided to learned from you as one of your son whom you want to train. I am a full time evangelist, and I need your counsel and guide to grow in the Lord. Please all my hope is upon you. The fellowship is new born. May our Lord Jesus Christ bless you and the whole staff. Yours in His vineyard."

-- Dr. D.E. Annan  Pencil

"Thanks to all of you for this site."

-- Obilolo  Pencil


"Very, very, very interesting! I love the vision! Keep up the good work!"

-- R. Fagan  Pencil



-- .  Pencil


"I perused your web and found it so important to my ministry. We are grateful for your work. God bless you."

-- O. Amukowa  Pencil

"Thank you bro for the wonderful teachings on the gifts of the Holy Spirit. I will use them to teach the church this Sunday by your permission. I am a church elder and an intercessor. I would like to communicate with you regularly concerning some topics in the Bible. Regards and God bless you mightily."

-- J. Irungu  Pencil

"Wonderful teachings. I have been using them to overcome the Devil's temptations."

-- Apostle S. Mutuku  Pencil


"I found the teachings in this site sound and living. I am a Nigerian living and pastoring a church in Libya by the grace
of God. Thanks!"

-- Pastor P. Onye  Pencil



-- .  Pencil



-- .  Pencil


"I really like this site. It has been helpful and very encouraging. I still haven't bought things here, but I think I will do it. Thank you and God bless you!"

-- G. Gomez  Pencil

"Thanks for the subscription. God bless you!"

-- D. Matus  Pencil


"It is my first time visiting. God bless your ministry."

-- S. Nekundi  Pencil


"Your teaching is practical and to the point."

-- A. Van der Laak  Pencil

 New ZealandNew Zealand

"I've enjoyed what I've read. Thank you."

-- P. Te Kakau  Pencil


"I was led by the Holy Spirit to this website. All that I found here are the true words of God. I am really blessed. God's love."

-- J. Akangson  Pencil

"This is the first time I visit your site and I love everything I see so I want you to please send me free monthly subscription to my postal address even the one for January and February. Thanks."

-- S. Ogundipe  Pencil

"I am really blessed by your wonderful teachings from the Bible. I pray that God will inspire you the more and lift you unto higher ground."

-- M. Ojukoko  Pencil

"I'd love to be part of this movement."

-- W. Umoyo  Pencil

 Northern IrelandNorthern Ireland

"Have really enjoyed browsing around your wonderful and informative Christian Mall. Thanks to all concerned with it. I will certainly recommend your site to my friends. God's blessings to you as you continue to work in His service."

-- A. Allen  Pencil



-- .  Pencil


"Very interesting site. My family and I want to know about Jesus more."

-- J. Prakash  Pencil


"I have studied your web site, and I found it the most wonderful site to get right to the true Word of God. I found that all your material is full of knowledge concerning development of religious faith."

-- F. Qaisor  Pencil


"You have a very informative website on Christian teachings. Keep it up! I have used your articles as a tool in teaching Bible to the helpers, janitors, and poor students of the college. May God continually bless all your endeavors."

-- J. Dumanig  Pencil

"Your zone is great! Thank's for making me one of you subscribers. God bless!"

-- T. Once  Pencil

"It's a great ministry. May God continue to bless all of you as you faithfully serving the King of Kings and Lord of Lords Jesus Christ. Your labor in the Lord is not in vain. Keep up!"

-- J. Wee  Pencil



-- .  Pencil



-- .  Pencil


"This is the first time I opened this site. It is good that people are thinking of God. He is our strength and our Savior. Be blessed!"

-- C. Sabina  Pencil



-- .  Pencil


"I have liked your website and all the good information you have. I am edified by the great work you are doing. God bless you."

-- W. Ngabo  Pencil

 Saint KittsSaint Kitts

"This is a great study site for all Christians. May God's richest blessings be with you."

-- L. Williams  Pencil

 Saudi ArabiaSaudi Arabia

"I was so happy that I found Christ-Centered Mall. It helps me a lot on my Bible teaching, enlightened the questions I had in mind, and especially developed me spiritually. An eyeopener website!"

-- A. Villadolid  Pencil



-- .  Pencil



-- .  Pencil

 South AfricaSouth Africa

"A wonderful site. You want to see and read more. God bless."

-- S. Bosch  Pencil

"Thank you for an interesting informative website. Such a pleasure to open and examine. God bless."

-- Hazel  Pencil

"Your teaching materials are easy to comprehend and practical. Requesting permission to use them in my ministry to edify the church. Bless you."

-- Pastor H. Rossouw   Pencil

 South KoreaSouth Korea


-- .  Pencil



-- .  Pencil



-- .  Pencil



-- .  Pencil

 TaiwanTaiwan (Republic of China)


-- .  Pencil


"Praise The Lord! You're wonderful people. This is the best website I've ever found. You have such good food for the nourishment of our souls. God bless you so much and keep it up. Yours in the Lord, S. Mchomba."

-- Pastor S. Mchomba  Pencil

"Am very grateful with your teachings via your website. I am enjoying myself spiritually reading your materials as you were directed by God Himself to place them in this site of yours."

-- G. Mwakapeje  Pencil


"I am so blessed by your website. Since the time I found it, I never stopped visiting your website. In fact, I am so proud that I passed it on to my friends."

-- J. Oracion  Pencil


"I love this web site. Please I need more friends from this site, and I need more web site to view. Thank you for your completion."

-- Christina  Pencil



-- .  Pencil


"I am pleased to have come across this wonderful website from which I have learned much spiritually concerning fasting and power of the tongue. These two teachings have really changed my life. May the almighty God bless you!"

-- J. Bijurenda  Pencil


"Dear Brother David. Thanks for your hard work and sacrifice put into this website and made available for all. It's truly Christ-centered and rich in God's pure Word and teachings. This is needed most in a time when His Word is being adulterated. Our Father bless you richly in all things. With love and appreciation."

-- C. Ratnam  Pencil

 United Arab EmiratesUnited Arab Emirates

"Keep on the good work."

-- D. de Leon  Pencil



-- .  Pencil



-- .  Pencil



-- .  Pencil


"I am one of your site readers, and I would really like to thank God for giving you such a brilliant idea of designing such a site. To start off, it has really blessed me and helped me a lot. My only concern or comment is that is it possible for you to include more topics on your site because as for me I am now familiar with all that is there. May the Almighty God bless you."

-- Simbisai  Pencil

"I found your website very useful. I see that a lot of work has gone into researching the topics. I only had to click and get all the scripture references on angels. Thank you and God bless you for your work. Thanks!"

-- T. Simoyi  Pencil

The United States

Christ-Centered Mall is also touching the lives of people here in the United States. Please click on page 2 to read authentic testimonials from all 50 states.

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Christian Comments, Testimonies, and Testimonials

International Christian comments, testimonials, and testimonies can found on the Christ-Centered Mall International Testimonial page.