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What Are Tabrets?
The Lord himself created the tabret in the beginning as an adornment of worship, praise, and glory. We at Praise Him! Tabrets have created these instruments of worship to praise and magnify the Lord as well as to engage in spiritual warfare.

Although the word tabret has been changed in most Biblical translations to "timbrel" or "tambourine," the King James Version still refers to these instruments of worship as "tabrets." The words tabret and timbrel are quite Biblical and are mentioned several times in the Old Testament.
1. A tabret is a small tabor.
2. A tabor is a small drum with one head.
3. A taboret is a small tabor which consists of a small seat without an arm or backing as well as a small frame for holding material while being upholstered.
4. A tabour is a drum; it consists of a circular frame of two hoops fitting withing one another in which a cloth is stretched.
5. A taboret is a strong material with stripes.


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