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  Dean Mitchell art print: Innocence

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Background Information
Artist:Dean Mitchell
Year of Issue:1995

Dean Mitchell is an artist of universal emotion. Whether his subject is the wise old woman named Rowena or the supplicant depicted in Psalms 4:1, his striking images speak volumes to all who see them. Now he encapsulates the guileless charm of childhood in Innocence, his new brilliantly designed and executed limited edition fine art print.

Using a subtle but commanding control of color that has led this young artist to win more than two hundred art awards, Mitchell creates an image anyone can relate to. The resulting work of art will feel at home on any wall, from the bedroom to the study.

Art Print Options
Signed & Numbered Paper   Unframed
Image Size:20" x 27 1/2"
Edition Size:850 S/N
Original Issue Price:$150.00
Our Current Price:$150.00
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