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Art Symbols

Picture Frame = Print is available framed straight from the publishing company.

Print Caption = Print caption

New Release = New release

Unframed = Unframed art print

Framed = Framed art print

Below Issue Price = Print is selling below its original issue price for sale purposes.

Original Issue Price = Print is selling at its original issue price.

Above Issue Price = Print is selling above its original issue price because either the distribution center has raised its prices or the publishing house is sold out of the print.

Open Edition = An open edition print signed by the artist but not numbered. They are printed on a lighter weight paper stock and are smaller in size than limited editions.

Artist Proof = Artist Proof
A premium signed and numbered print denoted by the abbreviation A/P.

Remarque = Remarque
A premium signed and numbered print which includes a small original drawing or painting in the margin area.

Shopping Cart = Place your order securely online with any major credit card.

Thomas Kinkade Terminology

    Thomas Kinkade

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Welcome to the wonderful world of Thomas Kinkade terminology!

Thomas has taken his original painted images and transformed them into various product lines such as limited and open edition prints and canvases, Inspirational prints, photo frames, nightlights, illuminated sculptures, magnets, media, accessories, and much more!

This page is designed to help those just starting out collecting Thomas Kinkade.
Below, we have outlined all of Thomas Kinkade's products with detailed descriptions.

Luminous Paper Lithographs

For the art enthusiast who appreciates the traditional look of paper prints, Lightpost Publishing releases Thomas Kinkade editions as luminous Paper Lithographs. These incredibly detailed, acid-free collectors' prints maintain a reproduction quality so superb, they capture both the color and brushwork of Thomas Kinkade's original art. One very special feature of the Paper Lithographs is that they can be purchased unframed. This allows you to customize the framing to best fit your home decor. Each and every paper lithograph published by Lightpost Publishing is numbered and is accompanieded by a Certificate of Authenticity.

Luminous Canvas Lithographs

Thomas Kinkade and Lightpost Publishing have pioneered efforts in the field of hand-retouched lithography to create a unique process that allows duplication of his images in multiple forms. This process not only captures the color and mood of his enchanting original paintings, but the actual brushwork as well. It is the hand-retouching by skilled artisans that gives each Canvas Lithograph a look almost identical to the original oil paintings. Each and every canvas lithograph published by Lightpost Publishing is numbered and is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.

Standard Numbered (S/N)

These lithographs are available through all authorized dealers, and are individually hand-highlighted under the supervision of the artist. Each is authenticated by Lightpost Publishing's double referencing authorization system featuring DNA technology. Each piece is individually hand-numbered with a S/N designation after the print number to correspond with the certificate of authenticity and is available in a choice of hardwood framing.

Artist Proofs (A/P)

This edition is available only through Showcase Dealers and above; and is issued in very small editions. A/P's are designated with the letters A/P during the numbering process and the canvas lithograph has a backstamp identifying it as an Artist Proof.

Exhibitors Proofs (E/P)

This edition only comes in one size, and they are the first ones released to the galleries. There are only one issued to each authorized Kinkade Galleries.

Gallery Proofs (G/P)

This edition is restricted for exclusive distribution through the Thomas Kinkade Galleries and Signature Dealers, and is issued in quantities significantly smaller than S/N. They can be distinguished from the S/N edition by the unique gold foil remarque stamped onto the image and the designation of G/P in the numbering process.

Publisher Proofs (P/P)

This edition is a small special edition reserved for the Thomas Kinkade Galleries and the Publisher. They can be distinguished from the S/N editions by the designated P/P in the numbering process, and they carry a backstamp identifying it as a Publisher Proof. Publisher Proofs are also made available at the discretion of the Publisher to support charitable causes, special accomodation orders, and to supply affiliated dealers, etc.

International Proofs (I/P)

The International Proof is reserved for distribution outside of the United States. The International Proof canvas lithographs are individually hand-highlighted. Each features a stamp on the back side identifying it as an I/P. Each is also designated with the letters I/P following the print number.

Renaissance Editions (R/E)

The Renaissance Edition is a special reserve edition created with a textured brushstroke process that recreates the artist's actual brushwork. It is then finished in oil by a master highlighter who applies a special "Watermark Remarque" to the verso side of the canvas. Each unique canvas is created under the artist's close supervision. Upon satisfactory completion, the artist hand signs the front of the canvas and a foil-stamped gold Renaissance Edition seal is applied to the back. Each Renaissance Edition is designated by the letters R/E after the print number. Due to the exclusivity of these rare pieces, all Renaissance Edition prints are limited to distribution through select Thomas Kinkade Galleries and Signature Dealers.

Studio Proofs (S/P)

The Studio Proof canvas lithograph is created with a textured brushstroke process that recreates the artist's actual brushwork. It is then finished in oil by a master highlighter, who also draws an original remarque on the back of the canvas. Each unique canvas is created under the artist's close supervision. Upon satisfactory completion, the artist applies final highlights himself, and hand signs the front of the canvas in metallic ink. Finally, a foil-stamped gold Studio Proof seal is applied to the back. Each Studio Proof is designated by the letters S/P after the print number. Due to the exclusivity of these semi-originals, all Studio Proofs are limited to distribution through select Thomas Kinkade Galleries and Signature Dealers.

The Studio Proof Paper Edition

This is a special reserve edition enhanced by the artist and released in an extremely limited edition size. Each Studio Proof paper lithograph features an original sketch by the artist especially created for the edition and imprinted in gold foil in the margin. The artist hand signs the front of the paper in metallic inc. In addition, each lithograph contains a remarque emblem in the margin and a Studio Proof seal that is applied to the back. Each Studio Proof paper edition is sold framed in a frame chosen especially for that release.

Master Edition (M/E)

The Master Edition is the ultimate expression of detail, artist involvement, and collectibility of any edition issued by the Publisher. Each Master Edition paper lithograph is numbered and bears a unique and highly detailed pencil remarque in addition, the Master Edition seal is applied to the back.

Master Edition textured canvas lithographs are extensively hand-highlighted by the artist himself over the foundation of apprentice highlighting. In addition to this personal retouching, the artist applies a thumb print and a Master Edition Seal to the book of the canvas. Each Master Edition bears the artist's authorized security signature, is hand-signed in metallic ink, and is designated with the letters M/E after the print number. Due to the exclusivity of these semi-originals, the Master Edition is limited to distribution only through select Thomas Kinkade Galleries.

The Plein Air Collection

Plein Air is a French word meaning "open air" or "outdoors." It is a method of painting based on setting up a portable easel outside and painting the surrounding scenery.

Thomas Kinkade's wondrous ability to illuminate a canvas is as evident here in his Impressionistic Plein Air works as it is in all of his studio paintings. Rarely does one artist have the talent to master more than one painting technique, as Thomas Kinkade has done.

As a longtime traveler, Thomas Kinkade has had the opportunity to capture the splendor of many breathtaking vistas with this impressionistic technique. This collection of Limited Edition works is a beautiful ensemble of Kinkade's Plein Air paintings from all around the world.

Impressionism Collection

In the romantic era of the nineteenth century, a group of young, dynamic French painters broke from the confines of classical traditions and defined a new style of emotional and colorful art. This movement became known as Impressionism and forever changed the world of fine art. In Thomas Kinkade's Impressionism Collection, we showcase two of Thom's beautiful impressionistic styles: French Impressionist Collection and Studio Impressions.

  • French Impressionist Collection

    In Thomas Kinkade's French Impressionist Collection, we unveil a collection that exhibits Thom's mastery of impressionism, capturing the emotion and serene beauty of which Thomas Kinkade is known. It is in these paintings that the influence of the great French Impressionists is evident.

  • Studio Impressions

    In Thomas Kinkade's Studio Impressions you will see the use of broad, energetic brush strokes and variations of color. This technique allows the eye to fuse the shapes, complete the painting, and discover what the artist experienced. Studio Impressions are similar to the Plein Air Collection in that they are painted on location but are unique because they are then brought back to the studio for final touch-ups.
Classics Collection

Classics are genuine, authorized reproductions on canvas. Classics offer the following:
  1. They are reproductions of the most hard-to-find, best-known, and best-loved Thomas Kinkade images.

  2. They are sized for decorating flexibility.

  3. They are crafted using methods and materials identical to those that Thomas Kinkad uses himself.

  4. They are released in consecutive editions to enhance collector value.

  5. They are accompanied by a certificate of authenticity guaranteeing that you Classic is "Genuine Kinkade" and recreates the original painting to the artist's own specifications.

  6. They are presented in a museum quality framed designed to coordinate with the most popular frame styles in the Thomas Kinkade Limited Edition canvas collection.

Inspirational Prints

Created as open edition paper lithographs featuring smaller reproductions of Kinkade's most inspiring works, Inspirational Prints are elegantly framed and matted to include a touching scripture passage or inspirational message.

Portfolio Editions

Feature two or more smaller reproductions of Thomas Kinkade's most cherished images, professionally framed and matted together to best complement the images in the collection.

Collectors' Prints

Each of these exquisite recreations of Thomas Kinkade's inspiring paintings will brighten up any spot in your home. Beautifully matted and framed, these handsome prints are the perfect size for decorating.

Brushworks Collection

Each exquisite piece in the Brushworks Collection, framed in either antique gold or brandy, is an elegantly crafted version of Thomas Kinkade's most beloved paintings. The textured pieces give the viewer the impression that they are viewing an original painting, with all its detailed brushworks and ornate beauty.

Accessories Collection

Taking some of the best-loved and most enduring images from Thomas Kinkade's romantic, luminous paintings, we have created a line of high-quality, home decor and accessories. Each piece reflects the artist's unique perception of light and color, bringing a generous measure of beauty and warmth to your home.

Items in this collection include the following:

Magnet Collection

These beautifully crafted pieces brighten up any home. Nicely presented behind plexi-glass and accented with brass corners, each 3" x 4" image is backed with a magnet for convenient display.

Media Collection

Featuring some of Thomas Kinkade's best loved images, the Media Collection is a great way to experience Thom's life affirming messages. From colorful books to relaxing melodies, each piece fills your life with light in a special way.

Items in this collection include the following:

Nightlight Collection

Like beautiful, miniature paintings, each of these nightlights glows from within just like a real Thomas Kinkade painting. Whether one of our three dimensional sculpted resin pieces, or a miniature framed image, each one is sure to bring a feeling of warmth to any home.

Items in this collection include the following:

Photo Frame Collection

Frame your own treasured photos in these timeless frames, each featuring a favorite Thomas Kinkade image.

Items in this collection include the following:

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