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Thomas Kinkade art print: Sunrise, A Prayer of Hope for the Millennium of Light 

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Introduction to Sunrise, A Prayer of Hope for the Millennium of Light

Background Information
Artist:Thomas Kinkade
Year of Issue:1999
Series:Single Release
Description of Sunrise, A Prayer of Hope for the Millennium of Light

 "As we approach the year 2000, I feel
 compelled as an artist to celebrate not the
 passing of the old millennium but the
 beginning of the new millennium. To me the
 new millennium represents a pivotal point
 in human history — a chance to change the
 world for the better.

 "As I ponder the events of the last one
 thousand years, I see much evidence of
 the darkness of this world. Yet rather than
 spend our time cursing the darkness, if
 each of us would let our light shine the
 world would be a much brighter place
 indeed. I truly believe that this next
 millennium will come to be characterized as
 the 'Millennium of Light', and I pray my
 Sunrise painting will be symbolic of a new
 dawning of God's grace and love in the
 years ahead.

 "Let's pray together that God's light will
 shine anew in the new millennium."

                                  -- Thomas Kinkade
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