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Greenwich Workshop

Featuring Greenwich Workshop new releases from Greenwich Workshop artists such as James Christensen, William S. Phillips, Morgan Weistling, Liz Lemon Swindle, John Weiss, Thomas Blackshear, Braldt Bralds, Jean Monti, and Linda Hartough, plus many other artists.

Greenwich Workshop

 Artist Easel
Art Titles

 Thomas Blackshear II

  Beauty and the Beast (canvas) (2004)

  Night in Day (canvas) (2003)

 Christopher Blossom

  The Revenue Cutter C. W. Lawrence

  Hard on the Wind (2008)

  Witch of the Wave (2007)

  U.S. Frigate Congress on the California

  Ashore at Soldier's Cay (2006)

  Afternoon Arrival, Gloucester (2005)

 Braldt Bralds

  Chihuahua de Chimayo (2007)

  A Mixed Bag (canvas) (2004)

  Kitty Litter (2003)

  Catatonic (2003)

  Still Life w/Three Eggs, Four Pairs (2002)

  Bag Ladies (2002)

  A Chorus Line (2002)

  Six Pack (2002)

 James C. Christensen

  Tie That Binds, The (2010)

  Saint Apollonia (2009)

  Angel Unaware (2009)

  Finding Your Fish (2009)

  Return of the Fablemaker, The (2009)

  Yellow Rose, The (2009)

  First Rose (2009)

  Outside the Box (2009)

  All That She Had (2008)

  Courtship (2008)

  Place of Her Own, A (2008)

  False Magic (2008)

  Rich Young Ruler, The (2008)

  Virtue (2007)

  Burden of the Responsible Man (2007)

  Music of Heaven (2007)

  Fiona (2007)

  Hold to the Rod (2007)

  Blind Leading the Blind, The (2007)

  Resistance Training (2007)

  Beggar Princess & the Magic Rose (2007)

  Angels of My Village (2007)

  Angel with Epaulet (2006)

  Men and Angels (2006)

  Responsible Woman, The (canvas) (2006)

  Michael the Archangel (2006)

  Listener, The (2006)

  If Pigs Could Fly (2006)

  Finding Fish (2005)

  Gift for Mrs. Claus (canvas) (2005)

  Pink Ribbon, The (2005)

  Cecelia (2005)

  Madonna with Two Angels (2005)

  Bride, The (2005)

  Saint with White Sleeves (2005)

  Royal Processional, The (canvas) (2005)

  Twilight (2004)

  Saint Nicholas of Myra (2004)

  Poofy Guy on a Short Leash (2004)

  Messenger, The (2004)

  Enoch Altarpiece, The (2004)

  Once Upon a Time (canvas) (2004)

  St. Brendan the Navigator (2004)

  Dusk (2004)

  Isabella (2003)

  We Three Kings (2003)

  Portrait with Red Berries (2003)

  Touching the Hem of God (2003)

  Sleeper, Lost in Dreams (2003)

  Ten Lepers, The (2002)

  Faith, Hope, and Charity (2002)

  Garden Rendezvous (2002)

 Scott Gustafson

  Confabulation of Dragons, A (2009)

  Parliament of Owls, A (2009)

  Sleeping Beauty (2008)

  Birds of a Feather (2008)

  Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil

  Humpty Dumpty Sat on a Swing (2007)

  Up, Up, and Away (2006)

  Daniel in the Lion's Den (2005)

 Linda Hartough

  16th Hole, Shinnecock Hills (2004)

  9th Hole, Royal County Down (2004)

  17th Hole, Blue Course, Congress. (2004)

  12th Hole, Golden Bell, Augusta (2004)

 Dean Mitchell

  9th Ward Windows (2009)

 Jean Monti

  A New Day (2003)

  Behold (2003)

  Welcome Home (2002)

  Daddy's Little Girl (2002)

  My Little Sunshine (2002)

 William S. Phillips

  Afternoon Departure at Stoney Pointe

  Christmas Leave, A (2009)

  Fish Tales at Beaver Camp (2009)

  Chasing the Daylight (2009)

  Pride of Arizona (2009)

  New Sounds in an Ancient Canyon (2009)

  Christmas Traditions at Watchman Hill Inn

  Reflections (2008)

  Moonwatchers, The (2008)

  Into the Arms of the Dragon (2008)

  Channel Dawn (2008)

  I Will Hold You in My Dreams (2008)

  Late Season, Block Island (2007)

  Christmas on the Eighth (2007)

  First Boots on the Ground (2007)

  Denali Summer (2007)

  Dawn of the Liberators (2007)

  Westbound: A Date w/the General (2007)

  Low Pass for Home Folks (canvas) (2007)

  Evasive Action Sagami Bay (2006)

  Christmas Eve at the Ahwahnee (2006)

  Returning Fire (2006)

  Evening to Remember, An (2006)

  Into the Sunlit Splendor (2005)

  Christmas Eve Delivery, A (2005)

  If Only in My Dreams (canvas) (2005)

  Out of the Squall Line (2005)

  Christmas Eve at Winchester Inn (2004)

  Summer of '45 (canvas) (2004)

  Into the Teeth of Tiger (canvas) (2004)

  Winter Visitors at Kringle Hill Inn (2003)

  Best Seat in the House (2003)

  Guardian at the Gate (2003)

  Apple Creek Yacht Club (2003)

  Phantom Thunder (2003)

  Revelation (2002)

  Sleighride at Apple Creek (2002)

  Heavens Proclaim His Glory, The (2002)

  Give Us This Day (2002)

 Liz Lemon Swindle

  Light of the World (2007)

  Seeking the One (2005)

  Prodigal Son, The (2005)

  Mother (2004)

  I Know Thee Not (2004)

  Jesus (2004)

  Son of Man Volume II (Book) (2003)

  Prince of Peace (2003)

  He That Is Without Sin (2003)

  Mary's Heart (2002)

  Why Weepest Thou? (2002)

 John Weiss

  Last Light (2009)

  Frosty (2008)

  From the Heart (2007)

  Beagle Buddies (2007)

  Simba (2007)

  Big Fish Story, A (2007)

  Hot Chocolate (canvas) (2006)

  Tender Moments (2006)

  Preparing for the Feast (2005)

  Lighthouse Keeper, The (2005)

  Autumn Friends (2004)

  Heart and Soul (2004)

  Let's Play (2004)

  One Morning in October (2004)

  Pick of the Litter (2004)

  Sharing Lunch (2004)

  Old Friends (2003)

  Mascot, The (2003)

  Finish a Champion (2003)

  Making Memories (2003)

  Hot Chocolate (2003)

  Goldens at the Shore (canvas) (2002)

  Fireside Friends (2002)

  Best Loved Breeds: Golden Pup (2002)

 Morgan Weistling

  Confidante (2009)

  Savannah (2009)

  Helping Hand, A (2009)

  Kissing the Face of God (2009)

  Oregon Trail Family - 1848 (2009)

  Jessica (2009)

  Gardener, The (2009)

  Indian Stories (2008)

  Ethan's Lantern (2008)

  Strawberry Jam (2008)

  The First Dance, 1884, Americana (2008)

  Emily's Corn (2008)

  Feeding the Geese (2008)

  Sisters (2007)

  Egg Inspector, The (2007)

  Juicy Peach (2007)

  Quilting Bee, The (2007)

  Emmie's Catch (2007)

  Spilled Milk (2007)

  Apple Girl (2006)

  Dreams in Blue (2006)

  Dreams in Gold (2006)

  Pocket Watch (2005)

  Serenity (2005)

  Reflections (2005)

  Lemon Girl (2004)

  Trusted Friends (2002)

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