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Affordable Art Appraisals

Art collectors can receive cheap affordable art appraisals at Christ-Centered Art.

Appraisal Service

Art Appraisal Description

Detailed Art Appraisals with Pictures

By popular demand, Christ-Centered Art is now offering an appraisal service for your fine art prints! Whether you need estimates for insurance purposes or are just curious about the market value of a rare piece, our research team can find the answers you are looking for.

Our $30.00 fee per print covers our time and research. Please note: Original paintings and bronze appraisals cost more. Please call for pricing.

You'll receive a professional type-written appraisal with a full color picture of the art title being appraised. Depending upon your preference, you'll receive a letter by mail or a .pdf file via e-mail stating the current market value and any other pertinent details we discover about your artwork. Please note that this service is limited to the artists and publishers we feature on our website.

How to Obtain an Appraisal

Please call, e-mail, or send us a letter telling us about your piece(s) and include the artist's name, print title, whether it's framed or unframed, paper or canvas, its condition, includes a COA, and the print number if possible.

Make sure to include your name, address, phone number, and e-mail address.

We can send you an invoice via PayPal, or you can enclose a check made out to Christ-Centered Art for $30.00 per print.

The estimated reply time is 1 week.

Christ-Centered Art
Attn: Appraisal Department
9650 Strickland Road
Suite #103-123
Raleigh, NC 27615

Appraisals are helpful for shipping claims, insurance purposes, and resales. If we can't provide a firm market value for your art piece, your payment will be returned.


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Affordable Art Appraisals

Affordable art appraisals are available at Christ-Centered Art.