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Daily Bread

 Daily Bread
Scripture Reference

The Holy Bible"Awake, O north wind; and come, thou south; blow upon my garden, that the spices thereof may flow out. Let my beloved come into his garden, and eat his pleasant fruits."

-- Song of Solomon 4:16

Devotional for Scripture of the Day

August 24, 2006

I sincerely hope that you will be blessed and encouraged by today's devotional.

Life Lesson

One of the world's greatest pianists was told he could never become competent on the piano because the middle fingers of his hands were too short. In spite of this handicap, for decades Ignace Jan Paderewski stunned the world with his amazing talents. Paderewski had started his piano lessons at age six, and even when his teacher discouraged him, he refused to give up. He also became one of Poland's most beloved sons who was largely responsible for that nation again becoming independent at the end of World War I. Difficulty never stopped this amazing man.

Difficulties can bring out the best in us. In Solomon's remarkable song, he tells the bride of her inner beauty hidden from the world. In response, she invites difficulty to come to her so that beauty can be shared. This love song mirrors the intense feelings Christ has for His church.

Word Walk

Difficulty. So much of our life is spent trying to avoid pain. However, there is value in difficulties if we permit them to bring out the best in us. James (James 1:2-10) and Paul (Romans 5:3-5) remind us how troubles can help us grow.

Read Song of Solomon 4:12-16 to learn more about Solomon's bride and then read the Power Points below.

Power Points

Below are valuable lessons you can apply to your life.
  1. God sees in us what we can't see in ourselves. Solomon's bride is filled with wonderful things of which she's not even aware (Song of Solomon 4:12).
  2. Our potential is far greater than we realize. The bride has more good things within her than she could ever imagine (Song of Solomon 4:13-14).
  3. Difficulty can bring out the best in us. The bride calls for the winds of difficulty to come so spice may flow from her (Song of Solomon 4:16).
  4. We must not waste our grief. The bride realizes that the inner beauty released by difficulty should be shared (Song of Solomon 4:16).
  5. Everything in our lives should please our Lord. The bride invites the bridegroom into her garden to share its beauty (Song of Solomon 4:16).

Dear Lord, help me to remember that difficulties in my life are often ordered by You for the purpose of drawing me closer to You and maturing me spiritually. Amen.


I hope you have been blessed by today's manna. I really encourage you to visit our Scripture of the Day page each day for spiritual sustenance.

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