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Benefits and Special Features

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web page programming, design, and hosting


Although we have our own unique web page design, we are flexible to our customers' wishes. We will adapt to meet your needs!

We program and design web pages for an extremely affordable price compared to the other guys out there charging thousands of dollars!

Websites by David's Web Creations have been awarded numerous awards for their quality; this factor combined with affordability makes David's Web Creations the sure choice.

We have a growing number of clients that we have programmed and designed websites for; these companies have achieved tremendous success! In addition, we are members of the HTML Writers Guild.
Colorful Graphics

We can create wonderful graphics to enhance your web site!

We can provide E-Mail boxes for your new website. We also can provide you with an email autoresponder!
Online Forms

We offer Standard Order Forms, Survey Forms, and Guestbooks!
Superb Indexing

We have the experience and knowledge to index your website specifically within the Top 20 of the 10 major search engines:

  • Alta Vista
  • Hot Bot
  • Infoseek
  • Excite
  • WebCrawler
  • Lycos
  • Magellan
  • Northern Light
  • Yahoo!
  • LinkStar
The ability for your web site to be found supercedes even the quality of the web site. You can have the most beautiful web site, but if no one can find you, it does not do you any bit of good. We can make the difference!

Website Hosting

We can install your website on our local server for a charge of only $25.00 per month.
Java Script

We have various Java Script Programs available so that your web site can be enhanced.
Animated Gifs

A large library of animated Gifs are available for your website!
Real Audio

We can put music or your own voice on your website using Real Audio -- the latest advancement in audio for use on the internet.

We can put surveys and polls on your web page so your web site becomes an "Interactive Web Site."
Contact Us

Don't delay! Contact us and allow us to:

"Put your business to work for you!"

web page programming, design, and hosting

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web page programming, design, and hosting

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