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What Are Banners?
Banners are vital to the Body of Messiah. Banners make a statement -- a statement of our worship, our praise, our warfare, and a statement that reflects our walk with the Lord.

Banners are a form of visual worship, and they make a powerful statement to the non-believer and the believer. They are a silent witness in ministry, but they speak volumes to anyone who looks at them.

Twelve Additional Facts

1. Banners rally the troops in war.
2. Banners bestow honor to people or to Yeshua (Jesus).
3. Banners tell people who you represent.
4. Banners signal or attract attention to an event that is happening.
5. Banners herald an event.
6. Banners unify the company. In the Tabernacle in the desert, each of the 12 tribes had their own banner (Numbers 2:34). Each clan and each family had their banners with the tribe logo and the family name on them. If you were looking from the air and saw the Tabernacle and all the color, it would have been an awesome sight.
7. Banners show victories won.
8. Banners are a demonstration of G-d's presence lifted up in our midst.
9. Banners can be a rallying point of healing. In the desert when Moses lifted up the serpent on the stake, that was a form of a visual banner for healing.
10. Banners put the enemy to flight.
11. Banners minister.
12. Banners glorify G-d.

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