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The Opal Package is an ideal plan for merchants who want to have a web site and possibly a domain name, but not have their storefront on the Christ-Centered Mall.

Since their site will not be in the mall, they do not have to attest to our statement of faith which can be found under beliefs.

Each web site will include the following:

  1. A home page containing your personalized logo, choice of colored seam background, and up to 5 color graphics.

  2. A page containing up to 10 products complete with photos and a standard order form.

  3. A page containing a guestbook form with several fields

  4. Your web site will be strategically indexed on the top 10 search engines.

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# of Pages 5
Home Page 1 of 5
Product Information Page 2 of 5
Guestbook Page 3 of 5
Order Form Page 4 of 5
Miscellaneous Page 5 of 5
Custom Designed Background 1
Custom Designed Buttons 7
Product scans 10
Additional Product scans $2.50 per scan
Submission to Top 10 search engines
Unlimited Links
Set-up Fee Waived
Web Page Design (1 time fee) $595.00 annual fee

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To Order
Phone 1-919-484-9180
Fax 1-919-484-0114

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