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If you are searching for an affordable way to sell Christian merchandise or services on the internet, you have found the right place! The Christ-Centered Mall is quickly becoming one of the largest and most interactive Christian websites on the internet. We are highly linked to all the major search engines as well as Christian ministries, plus our website is visited by people from all over of the world.
How many people are now online worldwide? No one knows for sure but as of April 1999, the rough estimate was 163 million with about 90 million users residing in the USA and Canada. How's that for a target audience!

Our web site is a member of the Netcheck Commerce Bureau which was established to promote ethical business practices worldwide and to increase consumer and corporate confidence when purchasing products and services on the Internet. Our web site is also family approved by Safe Surf and Dove.

We have the internet experience and skills necessary to help Christians start and promote their businesses, ministries, and organizations by offering affordable (yet high-quality) web page design, web page programming, web site hosting, as well as internet marketing. We can incorporate streamlined ecommerce packages for your web site with such features as secure online ordering, Mercantec's Soft Cart, and Cybercash.

maze We will help you get through the complicated maze of starting and promoting a Christian business on the world wide web.

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