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Artist Trivia

We at Christ-Centered Art would like to offer you the opportunity of getting to know our artists better.

Currently we have the following trivia available for Morgan Weistling.

What is Morgan's favorite book?

Cannery Row by John Steinbeck

What is Morgan's favorite food?

Fish tacos

What is Morgan's favorite movie?


What is Morgan's nickname?

"Oogy wa-wa" (how Morgan requested water when he was little).

What is Morgan's favorite pastime?

Collecting lost golf balls and selling them back to golfers.

What is Morgan's favorite song?

"Flood" by Jars of Clay

Please check back again for updates.

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M. Weistling Art

Morgan Weistling

    Morgan Weistling
Artist Biography

Working in a Los Angeles art supply store while attending art school, Morgan Weistling often showed some of his own work to noted artist whenever they came in. One such customer was a famous movie poster artist. As a result of their chance encounter, at the age of 19, Weistling began a notable career as an illustrator.

Weistling became well-known in the film industry for his illustrations whose amazing celebrity likenesses promoted movies and their merchandise such as Anastasia, The Santa Clause, Last Action Hero, The Lost World, and countless action thrillers. The list of movie stars whose features Weistling has flawlessly captured reads like a stroll down the star-studded sidewalks of Hollywood Boulevard, and his clients have included many major studios.

In addition to movie posters, he has designed inspirational, nostalgic and science fiction collector plate series as well as artwork for Sega pinball machines. He also created all the cover artwork for the video series, McGee and Me for Focus on the Family, and his art can be seen on numerous magazine, book, CD, and video covers. The winner of many awards from the Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles, he has taught at the Associates in Art.

Morgan's clients include Tyndale House Publishers, Gospel Light, Maranatha Music, and Wycliff Bible Translations. Other clients have included Lenox, Focus on the Family, Universal/Amblin Entertainment, Disney, MGM, Paramount, 20th Century Fox, Warner Brothers, Columbia Pictures, TriStar, and Arnold Schwartzenegger.

Weistling, his wife, JoAnn (who is also an artist), and their daughter, Brittany, make their home in California. Recently, when Weistling turned his considerable talents to fine gallery art, he found himself unable to keep up with collector demand for his originals His amazingly realistic paintings and religious subjects make the viewer feel like an eye-witness to an unfolding scene due, in part, to his experience in the film industry.

Weistling thinks like a skilled cinematographer, envisioning himself as part of the scene that he is painting. He then visualized how it would look on the movie screen. With his masterful use of oils, he makes the transition from his imagination to the canvas, bringing the scene to life with spectacular lighting to fully involve the viewer's imagination and emotions.

Whether capturing unforgettable moments from the big screen, images inspired by his beliefs, or little scenes from daily life, the art of Morgan Weistling engages the mind and touches the heart.
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