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Charles Peterson Spotlight

 Charles Peterson is a
 talented watercolorist
 who is known for his
 Memories Collection as
 well as his nautical art.

   A Bedtime Story

 This particular image is
 A Bedtime Story which
 depicts a mother sharing
 the excitement of books
 while her two children
 are tightly nestled by
 her side.

 You can gaze upon a
 pictorial collection
 of all of Mr. Peterson's
 best-loved artwork by
 viewing a slideshow.

Charles Peterson

Charles Peterson

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Charles Peterson Art Print Titles

 Neighbors: A Barn Raising Price
 November at Anderson's Dock Price
 Of Time and Place (Book) Price
 Old Becher Place, The Price
 On Valentine Lane Price
 One on One Price
 Parade of Honor Price
 Phantoms of the Forest Price
 Piano Lessons Price
 Picnic Price
 Potluck at Juddville Price
 Recess Price
 Recitation Price
 Reflections (Book) Price
 Return to Gettysburg Price
 RFD Price
 Rites of Spring Price
 Rounding the Horn Price
 Sabbath at Sea Price
 Safe Harbor Price
 Saturday Night at Ruckert's Store Price
 School Days Price
 September Sun Price
 Skater's Ice Price
 Sledding Hill Price
 Sleigh Bells Ringing Price
 Sleigh Ride Price
 Stall, The Price
 Stitch in Time Price
 Sugartime Price
 Summer Place, The Price
 Sunday Hitch Price
 Sunday, Twice Blessed Price
 Swing Your Partner Price
 Taking Notes Price
 Talk of Spring Price
 TGIF at Wilson's New Release Price
 Thursday at Eagle Light - Early Snow Price
 Time-Honored Marietta Price
 Tis' the Season Price
 To Grandmother's House Price
 Volunteers Price
 Wilderness Legacy Price
 Wood Sorrell and Mud Bay Price
 Yard Sale Price
 Yesterday's Snow Price
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 Charles Peterson

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