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Rick Kelley Spotlight

 Rick Kelley is an artist
 who is best known for
 capturing the emotion of
 his subjects and painting
 scientifically, historically,
 and proportionately
 correct wildlife and
 African art images.

   On Freedom's Wing

 This particular image,
 On Freedom's Wing,
 depicts a soaring bald
 eagle — a symbol of
 America's strength and

 You can gaze upon a
 pictorial collection
 of all of Mr. Kelley's
 best-loved artwork by
 viewing a slideshow.

Rick Kelley

Rick Kelley

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Rick Kelley Art Print Titles

 Gateway to Freedom Price
 The Gathering Price
 The Gathering Place Price
 Giraffes in Serengeti Price
 Golden Companion Price
 Golden Season Price
 The Herd Master Price
 High Country Price
 In the Shadows Price
 Incoming Price
 Into Daybreak Price
 Into the Herd Price
 Into the Sun Price
 Kristi's Garden Price
 Land of the Free Price
 Last of the Crop Price
 Liberty's Flight Price
 Little Rascals Price
 Moment of Peace Price
 Morning Mist Price
 Morning Reflections Price
 Narrow Escape Price
 Northern Heritage Price
 Northwoods Legends - Eagles Price
 November on Ferger's Pond Price
 On Angels Pond Price
 On Freedom's Wing Price
 On the Move Price
 The Protector Price
 Quiet Refuge Price
 Rainy Lake - Loons Price
 Reflections of Freedom Best Seller Price
 Remembering the Season Price
 Resting Place Price
 Riding the Light Price
 Ringnecks and Wagonwheels Price
 Rising Stars Price
 Rock Creek Crossing Price
 Rules of the High Country Price
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  Rick Kelley

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 by this particular artist,
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