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Nathan Greene Artist Bio or Biography

A detailed Nathan Greene artist bio can be found on Nathan Greene's biography page at Christ-Centered Art.

Nathan Greene

Nathan Greene Caricature by David H. Boshart, Jr.

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Nathan Greene Keywords

Nathan Greene Biography

Rarely does an artist emerge with the balance of strengths and emotional intensity of Nathan Greene. His large, luminous paintings of Jesus Christ in contemporary settings combine his unique style with the painting traditions of the old masters to deliver powerful images that go straight to the heart. Masterful portraiture of human and animal subjects, meticulous attention to detail, and landscapes that seem to vibrate with life are all features of his work. Composition, color, and light are given equal consideration in building the inspirational impact he achieves.

Born in Michigan in 1961, Nathan's interest and talent in art were apparent at an early age. By the time he could hold a pencil, he began drawing, and by first grade was taking art instruction. His early years were characterized by a constant striving to improve his observational and artistic skills, earning numerous awards and recognition. During high school, he traveled to the East Coast to seek advice from leading illustrators. By his senior year in high school, he already had a gallery selling his artwork. He chose Chicago's American Academy of Art to further his study for its emphasis on excellence in traditional painting and drawing skills.

In 1983, Nathan entered the highly competitive market of freelance illustration, and by the end of that decade, had established himself by working for clients such as the National Wildlife Federation, NASA, Focus on the Family, Christianity Today, as well as other large corporations, agencies, and private collections. Nathan's ability to convey intangible aspects of drama and spirituality in his subjects attracted clients who commissioned works for inspirational book covers, magazines, and television shows. A series of paintings he completed for NASA, depicting various scenes of the space program, is a remarkable example of his ability to express the emotional elements of a moment. The paintings not only describe the scenes in all their detail, but also communicate the scale, intensity, and wonder of man's heroic attempts to probe the heavens.

Nathan is very much a contemporary painter with a strong foundation in classical art. His paintings include oil on canvas and also a multimedia approach, incorporating other drawing and painting methods and materials in the same piece. The figures are painted using live models, carefully chosen, then photographed under Nathan's direction. He starts each project by producing a detailed pencil drawing, the result of any number of exploratory sketches to determine composition and light and dark values. The drawing is then transferred to the painting surface, and he begins with and underpainting. Working on the floor, he covers the canvas with a thin oil wash of colors designed to set up a warm and cool interplay which subtly shines through the layers of paint to produce a glowing depth and richness. Next, moving to the easel, Nathan begins painting the actual image, first pulling out the light areas, then applying the paint to describe form, color, and detail.

Nathan Greene's choice to focus on inspirational Christian images seems a most natural one. A spiritual dimension has always been present in his work, conveying a sense of reverence and wonder for life in all its forms. Nathan hopes his art gives people an impression of a kind, loving, and compassionate God, present through life's daily struggles and joys. There is no doubt that, as Nathan Greene evolves as an individual and an artist, his body of work will be significant and his future bright.

Nathan Greene works at home in his studio in rural Michigan with his wife and three children. He relaxes by running four to six miles a day and enjoying his family.

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Nathan Greene Biography

A Nathan Greene biography or bio of Hart Classic Editions contemporary biblical and medical Jesus artist Nathan Greene can be found at Christ-Centered Art.