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Nita Engle Artist Trivia

 Christ-Centered Art
 would like to provide you
 the opportunity for to
 get to know our artists
 through art trivia.

 Currently we have the
 following trivia available
 for Nita Engle.

 Who are Nita's favorite

 Virginia Woolf, Frank
 O'Hara, and Janet

 What is Nita's favorite
 music or song?

 Contemporary: Angel
 by Sarah McLachlan;
 Classical: Mozart's
 chamber music

 What is Nita's favorite

 Many classics, including
 On the Waterfront
 Current: M.I.2

 What is Nita's favorite

 Canoeing, outdoor
 sports, and gardening

 What is Nita's favorite

 Lobster shore dinner
 and Indonesian sauté,
 among others.

 What is Nita's

 Nita says the various
 corruptions of her name
 have ranged from "Niota"
 to "Nitey."

Nita Engle

Nita Engle
Nita Engle Biography

 Nita Engle, one of America's foremost
 watercolor artists, has painted landscapes
 from Alaska to her home on the shores of
 Lake Superior in northern Michigan. Engle
 exclusively paints outdoor scenes and paints
 nothing she has not personally experienced.
 She finds endless fascination and challenge
 in the infinite complexity and mystery of

 Nita attended Northern Michigan and
 Roosevelt Universities and the Art Institute
 of Chicago. Engle was also a professionally
 trained commercial artist and illustrator,
 working nine years as art director for a
 national advertising firm. Engle feels that
 she trained herself, however, to paint in
 watercolors — simply by doing,
 experimenting, and often by breaking the
 rules. Nita's years of experimentation have
 led her to mixing her own distinctive blend
 of colors and to finding unusual but useful
 tools, such as water filled spray bottles.

 Engle is an award-winning, long-time
 member of the American Watercolor Society.
 She spends much of her year on the road,
 conducting workshops, teaching, and
 gathering subject matter. She exhibits
 extensively and is represented in collections
 in the United States and in Great Britain.
 Perhaps millions of people have seen her
 artwork on the covers of such well known
 magazines as Reader's Digest. Engle's
 atmospheric watercolors — her illusions of
 reality — emerge from her inventive
 experimentation with her medium.

 Nita creates gorgeous landscapes, and her
 limited edition prints have been published by
 Mill Pond Press since 1981. Her art is the
 subject of the book: How to Make a
 Watercolor Paint Itself from Watson-
 Guptill Publications. She can also be seen in
 the video: Wilderness Palette: Nita Engle
 in Michigan.

 Nita Engle was named an Art Master by
 American Artist magazine. Other honors
 include being inducted into the Hall of Fame
 by U.S. Art magazine and being invited to
 participate in the 1996 Great Women Artist
 of America Show.

 Nita Engle writes, "There is so little
 wilderness left; we are surrounded by
 pavement. My goal is to take you into the
 landscape through my painting. I want you
 to actually be there, although briefly, to be
 as fully engaged and engrossed in the
 painting as you might be in a book, far
 away in a different land. I want to make a
 space where there is freedom for the mind
 to wander."

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