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Betty Spooner Trivia

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Currently we have the following trivia available for biblical artist Betty Spooner.

Betty Spooner specializes in what kind of sculpting?

bas relief

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Betty Spooner Artist Bio or Biography

A detailed Betty Spooner artist bio can be found on Betty Spooner's biography page at Christ-Centered Art.

Betty Spooner

Betty Spooner Caricature by David H. Boshart, Jr.

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Betty Spooner Keywords

Betty Spooner Biography

Artist Betty Spooner is a Christian artist and sculptor who specializes in painting biblical scenes and sculpting hand-cast bas relief Bible scripture artwork.

Bas Relief is a method of sculpting which has been used for centuries and entails carving or etching away the surface of a flat piece of stone or metal. The word is derived from the Italian basso rilievo which literally means raised contrast.

In a similar way, Christian artist Betty Spooner also uses hand-made papyrus, bark, or pulp (formed with the natural "deckle edge" intact) as a substrate for her hand-cast originals. The substrate used in her artwork is hand-made of heavy fibers and is formed using a molding process so a scripture verse can be cast into it. After the substrate has dried, it is then hand-painted, finished in a multi-step process, custom matted, and professionally framed in a specially selected frame. Then the art piece (unique in color and character) is individually wrapped in foam and cardboard before being packed in a heavy cardboard outer box for shipping.

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Betty Spooner Biography

A Betty Spooner biography or bio of biblical artist and bas relief Bible scripture sculptor Betty Spooner can be viewed at Christ-Centered Art.