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Dona Gelsinger.

Dona Gelsinger's art career was greatly influenced by whom?

her grandfather

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Dona Gelsinger Artist Bio or Biography

A detailed Dona Gelsinger artist bio can be found on Donna Gelsinger's biography page at Christ-Centered Art.

Dona Gelsinger

Dona Gelsinger Caricature by David H. Boshart, Jr.

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Dona Gelsinger Biography

Artist Dona Gelsinger, who was born in Phoenix, Arizona, has had a love for art ever since she was able to grasp a pencil. Dona is renowned in the art world and among collectors for her beloved images of nature and angels. Her exceptional talent was encouraged early on by her grandfather, who was also an artist himself.

After graduating from California State University with a Bachelor's Degree in Art, Gelsinger's first major commission was to paint the Stations of the Cross for St. Denis Church in Diamond Bar, California. This project, the creation of 14 near life-size paintings, consumed her artistic energies for nearly two years and won her widespread acclaim.

Early in the 1990s, Dona Gelsinger worked with Thomas Kinkade publisher, Lightpost Publishing to expose her artwork to the retail community. To satisfy the growing demand for her work, Gelsinger established Little Angel Publishing, which created prints of her paintings on paper and canvas.

Gelsinger started her business with a talent and passion for artwork as well as faith, determination, and a lot of help from the Lord. Dona wanted to create art that would inspire, comfort, and promote Christian living. She wanted her art on many different product forms, at various price points, and at many different levels of retail.

So Dona poured her efforts into creating adorable little angels that were highly detailed, with elements of nature and what she calls "God-Light" or the luminous sun beams shining through the clouds. Her big break finally came in 1996 when The Bradford Exchange — the largest and most famous collectibles company in North America — responded with interest in creating a plate series based on Dona's little angels. A licensing relationship was born. The first plate series, "Garden Blessings" was a great success and jumpstarted a whole line of collectible ornaments, music boxes, figurines, and much more.

Since then, Dona Gelsinger's work has become highly sought by art connoisseurs who find her unique figurative art portrayals both soothing and inspiring. Dona's art is now licensed on tapestries, greeting cards, gift bags, boxes, fabrics, calendars, and a whole host of other products.

Her deep sense of personal spirituality helps Gelsinger portray angels and nature with great sensitivity and expression. She draws inspiration from the spectacular Pacific coast and from the beautiful Rogue Valley of southern Oregon where she and her family now live.

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Dona Gelsinger Biography

A Dona Gelsinger biography or bio of angel artist Donna Gelsinger can be viewed at Christ-Centered Art.