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Artist Trivia
Why does Melinda favor watercolor?

She loves the way it looks. The transparent pigments let the brightness of the paper come through, making wonderful highlights. There are no fumes as with other mediums. She also likes the fact that watercolor is considered a challenging medium.

How does she begin?

Once she has a backdrop, such as a period home or garden, she will set up the scene with live models and then take photographs. She uses these photographs as a reference for her paintings. She does all the photography as well as design and sews many of the clothes that appear in her paintings. Each painting averages 150 - 200 hours to complete.

The prep work, photo shoots, finding models and backgrounds as well as creating or finding the clothing for each painting takes an additional week or better.

How does she find models for her paintings?

Some are friends or friends of friends. There have been times when she had to literally pluck folks right out of the mall.

Melinda Byers Art

Melinda Byers

Artist Biography

Artist Melinda Byers fell in love with the world of art at an early age. She vividly remembers as a four-year-old how beautiful it was when, while sponge painting, the red and yellow when mixed together made orange. In grammar school Melinda's teachers knew she was destine to become a great artist. They always paid special attention to her and awarded her certificates of achievement at year's end. One of Melinda's grade school teachers saved one of her paintings and still shows it to each new group of kids every year.

As a sophomore in High School, Melinda's art teacher introduced her to watercolors. She became so comfortable with this medium that by senior year she took first place in the All High School Art Show, which included four other schools. Although Melinda took lots of art in school, the teachers never taught her how to paint. In fact, she'd never seen anyone paint in the tight dry brush style that she uses now until years later.

When Melinda started to take her art seriously, she began donating original paintings to annual fundraisers for the hospital and the local Rotary club. She remembers being shocked when one of the paintings was purchased for $4,400. It was around this time that Melinda was invited to participate in "Studies in Watercolor", a four artist show at the Lancaster Museum and Art Gallery. It was the first show of it's kind at this museum (devoted only to watercolor) and she was honored to be the only local artist asked to participate.

Not long after this, she began to submit her work to various companies in the art industry. At this point in the early 90's she was working as a dental assistant and working for several companies with her art after her "day job". This went on for about a year until she began painting full time and loving it!

"I believe my ability is a God-given gift; God inspires me. He continues to guide what I do every day. I feel very, very blessed."

--- Melinda Byers

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