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Page Website Awards and Honors
1 Internet Sermons of Excellence Award
1 Golden Globe Award of Excellence
1 Soldier of the Cross Award
2 Beauty of the Net Award
2 5 Stars Website Award
2 Majon's Web Select Award
2 Baylink's Gold Award of Excellence
3 Shining Light Award
3 Quatec's Website Design Award
3 Bronze Team Creations Website Award
4 Webnet Webratings Award
4 1998 Best of the Web Silver Award
4 Bread of Life for Sharing Jesus Award
5 '98 GIMS Gold Award
5 Over the Edge Award of Excellence
5 Gold Helicopter Award
6 Website of Distinction Award
6 The Critical Mass Award
6 Ravi's Elite Website Award
6 GAR Yellow Site Award
7 Fortress Key Site Award
7 1999 Best of the Web Bronze Award
7 Gold Golden Cone Award
8 '99 Gold Silver Surfer Award
8 '99 Silver Lunar Graphics Award
8 High Density Hawk Award
9 The Heart of the Father Award
9 Honoring God on the Web Award
9 The Family Corner Safe Surf Award
10 Sword of Truth Award
10 Nessa's Heavenly Web Site Award
11 The Christian Faith Hall of Fame Award
12 Bread of Life Award
12 A+ Approved Web Design Award
13 Award for Excellence in Christian Content
13 Market-Tek Design Award
14 Award of Excellence Presented by Aunt Runner
14 Excellence in Glorifying Christ Award
15 Home Is Where the Heart Is Award
16 CSC Good News Award
16 MS Gold Award
17 Award for Beauty and Excellence from Carol's Corner
17 Heartfelt Site Award
18 First Family Church Award
18 4.0 Website Award Winner from Award Sites!
18 The Light Award
19 Beautiful Site Award from Grandma's House
19 Award of Excellence from Grandma's House
20 Global Family Network Certification Award
20 Webaholic Hall of Fame Award
20 Global Family Network Certification Award
21 Wishing Well Web Page Excellence Award
22 StudyWeb's Academic Excellence Award

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