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Christ-Centered Mall An interactive Christian resource center, teaching ministry, and online shopping mall where Christians can renew their dedication to the Lord as well as purchase Christian-related merchandise.

This mall is designed and run by
David Holt Boshart, Jr.
Jacksonville Theological Seminary Learn the Word of God plus earn an Associate, Bachelor, Masters or Doctorate Degree in Biblical Studies, Christian Education, Theology or Psychology from the convenience of your own home!

The Fort Myers Chapter is run by
Ron Campbell, ThD.
Kairos Prison Ministry The Kairos experience is rooted in "agape" love. It is an experience of free-world volunteers sharing the love of Jesus during an intense weekend of prayer, testimony, fellowship, and instruction.

Ron Campbell of Harvest Christian Fellowship works and serves at the Charlotte Correctional Institute of Punta Gorda, FL. He has 2, 3-day week ends per year with 35+ team members serving on each week end. The Kairos weekend in the prison is equivalent to the "Walk to Emmaus" held on the outside.

During the course of a weekend many of the prisoners have given their lives to the Lord and others have been strengthened and challenged in their faith in Jesus.
Walk to Emmaus A special weekend where both believer and non-believer draw nearer to God. We at Harvest Christian Fellowship have many members that are actively involved with this ministry.

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