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    Cliff is from Ireland,
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    color green. Therefore,
    we nicknamed him
    the Green Concierge.

    Sir Clifford will provide
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    questions you may
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Meet Sir Clifford

Sir Clifford  


Shopping Links Central Shopping Links Central proudly introduces Sir Clifford - the "Green Concierge."

Good day! My name is Sir Clifford, and I am
the world-famous Green Concierge of ShoppingLinksCentral.com. I'm the gentleman who saves you money and doesn't ask for any in return.

Gold Quarters I can be found living in the estate's gold quarters because I've been able to save lots of money purchasing various merchandise through this company all of these years.

With over 50 years of work experience, I will happily provide you with the key to unlocking online discounts from 100's of stores. Simply click on our shopping categories to begin accessing over 100,000 products!

Would you like to save time and money by shopping online from well-established companies? If your answer is "yes" then please view your itinerary:

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      It is a no annual fee credit card with a 0%
      introductory APR and an online fraud
      protection guarantee.

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