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Christ-Centered Art offers you consistently low prices on every item in our online store. All prices are listed in U.S. dollars. We do not have a currency converter in our store, but several Web sites provide this service. Orders placed on Christ-Centered Art's website will be charged in U.S. dollars. If you live outside the U.S., this charge is converted by your bank into your local currency and should appear on your credit card statement in that currency.

Click the links below for more information about pricing-related issues.

Price Matching | Quantity Discounts | Surcharges | Confirming Prices

Price Matching

Christ-Centered Art does have a price-matching policy and will often beat competitor's prices by $10.00 or more! We consistently work toward maintaining competitive prices on everything we carry, and you can help.

If you think our price for a particular item isn't competitive with that of other online retailers, you can notify us by filling out our price quote form Enter the price and URL for the better online offer you've seen, and click the Submit button.

The information you provide will be used to keep our prices as competitive as possible at all times. Please be aware that we will not be able to provide individual responses. After you submit your lower price, check back in a few days to see if our price has changed as a result.

Christ-Centered Art will not always lower the price of an item in such cases; here are some reasons why our price may not change:

  • The competitor's product is not an exact match (identical make and model) with ours
  • The competitor's total price (including shipping, handling, rebates, membership fees, taxes, etc.) is higher
  • The competitor with the lower price is out of stock
  • The product is a closeout or clearance item (at our store or our competitor's store)
  • The competitor is not manufacturer authorized

Quantity Discounts

We do offer additional discounts on large orders of a single title or on large orders of many individual titles. Churches and Ministries will also receive special discounts.

Please note that the availability listings on our Web site are intended for single-copy orders. Orders for many copies of the same item may take longer to assemble.


Oversized and extremely heavy items may require a special surcharge. The surcharge varies depending on the size and weight of the item.

Confirming Prices

Items in your All purchases are subject to availability. Due to the constant fluctuation of the print market, print prices and inventory can change rapidly.

Fortunately, we have listings or sources for all prints shown; and these prints may be purchased at their current list prices subject to our inventory and reconfirming availability with the publisher and consignors. Our art is sold on a first come, first served basis.

Christ-Centered Art makes every effort to keep the information on its website current; however, some prints shown may be sold out at the publisher and no longer available.

In addition, changes in publishers' list prices may not immediately be reflected on our website. If this is the case, we will notify you as soon as possible.

Please note that since we are only human, typographical errors may occur resulting in incorrect information being posted on this site. We gladly welcome your comments should you find any errors.

Our goal is to present the most accurate, updated information possible.

Thank you for your patronage.

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