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Erik Hollander
Erik Hollander is a gifted artist and filmmaker who became serious about his faith in 1991 after having been raised in a Christian home in North Florida. Erik began drawing at a very early age and developed a fascination for movies and filmmaking while still in his early teens. He graduated from the University of North Florida with a degree in Photography in 1989. Shortly thereafter he began working as an artist in various capacities at a Florida animatronics company called Sally Corporation, where he eventually rose to the position of senior painter and finally Art Director. For five years, he helped design and produce fully animated robotic characters, exhibits, and dark rides for a number of popular theme parks worldwide. In his spare time, Erik kept busy developing his drawing and painting skills as well as directing various video projects of his own.

After a serious confrontation with the Lord in 1991, Erik began to seek ways to honor God more directly through his gifts. Providence led him to Reel 2 Real Ministries, a video production facility committed to fulfilling the Great Commission through the arts, particularly film and video. Erik's job activities began leaning more toward his film interests than ever before, but there still seemed to be a very clear sense in which God was leading him to use his artistic skills in the area of fine art. In 1994, Erik was commissioned by evangelist Ray Comfort of Living Waters Publications to produce some book and tract covers. What started as an occasional free-lance project soon became a prolific source of employment for him. Word soon spread of Erik's talent and availability, and before long, he was having to turn down offers because of the overwhelming response to his work.

In 1997, Hollander was contacted by the premier Christian T-shirt company Living Epistles. They expressed interest in using one of Erik's paintings on a shirt, a piece which illustrates the graphic horror and profound love of the cross of Christ. Hollander joined forces with Living Epistles to help produce a design that has recently been reported as one of the company's top-selling shirts. It is entitled Public Display of Affection. The name says it all.

Erik's work can now be seen on a variety of mediums, from T-shirts to posters and fine art prints, from bumper stickers to sculptures. Together with Eric Holmberg of Reel 2 Real Ministries and John Hocevar of American Portrait Films, Erik Hollanderís vision is to see the arts reclaimed for Christ in this generation.

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