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Pilgrim's Progress
Pilgrim's Progress by John Bunyan is a story about a man named Christian who wanted to be saved. He wanted to get the load of sin off his back so much that he left his family in the City of Destruction and set out in search of Mount Zion. The first person that he met was Evangelist who told Christian that he needed to find the Wicket Gage so that he could find the way. Soon Christian met Obstinate and Pliable who wanted to discourage Christian, but he was so excited about his trip that he convinced Pliable to go with him. Obstinate would not go.

During the trip, Christian told Pliable about the book he carried the Bible, said about heaven. Unfortunately, they fell into a marsh that was called Despond. Pliable became discourage, and left the bog, but Christian needed Help to rescue him because the load he carried was so heavy. Soon Christian met Worldly Wiseman who encouraged him to get off the straight and narrow path and meet Mr. Legality. Fortunately, Evangelist arrives on the scene and tells Christian not to go with false shepherds like Worldly Wiseman. Christian was upset because he had left the right way, and might not be able to continue on his trip. But when he meets Good-Will, the man at the Wicket Gate, he was told that anyone who knocked at the gate could enter no matter what he had done. Good-Will also told Christian that he would have to bear his load until he came to the place of Deliverance and that he should find Mr. Interpreter who would help him.

Mr. Interpreter showed Christian a print of the person who would always guide him and a room which was man's heart. There was dust in this room which represented the sin that could not be swept away by the law. Water, the Good News, was the only thing that could cleanse the heart. Christian ran along it until he reached a place where there was a cross, and at the foot of the cross there was a tomb. As he came to the cross, the Place of Deliverance, his load dropped off from his back. Christian was happy at last because he had been saved. Now he would be able to make it to the Celestial City.

-- Written by David H. Boshart, Jr.

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