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HIGHWAY Life in the fast lane
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Highway of Life

highway of life

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Are You in the Right Lane?
Born, weighing 8 pounds and 21 inches long, little Joe begins his life.

Sometimes it's a long, long trip from the cradle to the grave.

Little Joe is wobbly at first, but he's stepping out.

At age 2, Joe has a mind of his own. Only 68 more years to go!

At age 15, Joe is on the great highway of life.
Everyone is busy going the same direction.

By age 21, Joe has all the answers...just ask him. He has 50 years left.

By age 40, Joe is married with three kids.

Life has turned into a rat race on the great highway of life.

By age 50, Joe no longer has all the answers. He's only got 20 years left.

Frustrated and starting to panic, Joe asks his wife "where are we going?" His wife replies back to Joe, "You don't know?"

Then suddenly on the way, Joe and his wife see a man holding a sign which said "GOOD NEWS."

But the crowd behind Joe yells, "Keep moving!"

Then the man holding the sign catches the attention of Joe's wife. He says, "Lady, you're on the wrong road! It leads to DESTRUCTION!" ("Broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction..." Matthew 7:13)

But I've got GOOD NEWS for you...
There's only ONE WAY to heaven. It's a narrow path and JESUS is that way. (John 14:6)

In His great love for you, Jesus (God the Son) left heaven and took the form of a man to shed His precious blood for your sins. "For God so loved the world (that's you) that he gave his only begotten Son (Jesus), that whosoever believeth in him should not perish (in hell), but have everlasting life (in heaven)." (John 3:16).

Jesus died on the cross and three days later arose from the dead. He is now in heaven and is coming back again.

Then Joe asks the man, "Is everyone on this highway doomed?"

Then the man with the sign responded, "Absolutely! But the gift of God is eternal life (in heaven) through Jesus Christ." (Romans 6:23).
"Will you receive God's love gift?"

Joe's wife and his three children instantly said, "Yes, we do!"

The man then told them to follow this road to heaven. Joe's family encouraged him to follow them. "Aren't you coming with us daddy?"

But Joe responds, "It's too narrow; I'm not ready for this. I'll think about it." ("Narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it." Matthew 7:14).

Then, all of the sudden, a man with glasses approaches Joe and says, "Poor looks like your wife was a little hasty in her decision."

Joe responds, "I think so, too!"

Then Joe's wife and three children finally come to an end of their journey. "Oh, Mama...I see Jesus way up there!" "Yes children," their mother responds, "we took the right road!"

Then the man with glasses says to Joe, "Your wife's right, John. You need Christ in your life...but not yet! You still have plenty of time! You're only 62. You've got 8 years left!"

Joe responds, "That's comforting."

Six months later, Joe yells, "WHAT'S HAPPENING?"

The man with glasses responds, "You just died Joe!"

Joe yells, "But you told me I'd live to be 70!

Then the man with glasses suddenly takes of a realistic looking mask; and it was none but the devil himself! He tells Joe that he lied.

The devil laughs at Joe, "I tricked you! And now you're mine...FOREVER! HA HA HA!"

The entire world is on the great highway of life, but there is still time for you to take that narrow road to heaven.

Don't make the same mistake that Joe made!

Receive Jesus today!

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