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Jesus Film Project

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The Jesus Film Project is a remarkable 2-hour drama which was filmed entirely on location in Israel. Virtually every word spoken by Jesus has been taken directly from the Gospel of Luke.
The film's attention to biblical detail is astounding as you are catapulted back nearly 2,000 years into the life and time of Jesus Christ.
You will walk the same historical streets, you will experience the same wonderful miracles and you will be touched by the power of God as you relive the most important events in the history of man.
Praise the Lord!
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English Part 1 of 1
Arabic (Modern Standard) Part 1 of 1
Bengali-Musselmani Part 1 of 1
Chinese (Sichuan) Part 1 of 1
Chinese (Wu) Part 1 of 1
Dutch Part 1 of 1
French Part 1 of 1
German Part 1 of 1
Hebrew Part 1 of 1
Hindi Part 1 of 1
Indonesian Part 1 of 1
Japanese Part 1 of 1
Mandarin (Chinese) Part 1 of 1
Portuguese (Brazilian) Part 1 of 1
Punjabi (Indian) Part 1 of 1
Russian Part 1 of 1
Spanish (Latin American) Part 1 of 1
Swedish Part 1 of 1
Turkish Part 1 of 1
Vietnamese (Southern) Part 1 of 1
Vietnamese (Northern) Part 1 of 1

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