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Web Site Award Application

Fill out our web site award application to nominate your Christian website for a Christ-Centered Award.

Award Application

 Website Award Winner
Award Application Instructions

Apply for a Christ-Centered Award

To apply for a Christ-Centered Award, simply fill out our award application form below and a member of our website award staff will review your site. The average turnaround time is usually 1 to 2 weeks.

Remember, no matter what award you receive, you are promoting the gospel of Jesus Christ and serving the Lord. That in itself is the greatest reward!

Award Application Form

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Website Information
Type Church
ChristianYes  No
Only Christ-centered sites which promote family values will be considered for this award.
DomainYes  No
Only Christian sites which have their own unique domain name will be considered for this award.
LinkYes  No
If your site wins an award, a link back to our website is required.
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Website Description

Since our ministry adheres to a strict privacy policy, your contact information will remain confidential and will not be used by other parties.
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Website Award Application

Nominate your Christian website for a Christ-Centered Award by filling out our website award application page.